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It can be difficult trying to find a new car for your teen to drive. You want an affordable car and one that prioritizes road safety, so your teen is safer during a crash if the worst were to happen. Thankfully, U.S. News published its 2021 list of the best-used cars for teens, making the choice that much easier. One of the cars it chose was the 2018 Honda Accord, listed as the “Best Used Midsize Car for Teens.” Read on to find out U.S. News’ methodology behind its list, more about the 2018 Honda Accord, and tips to keep in mind when car shopping for teens.

U.S. News’ methodology behind its “Best Used Cars for Teens” list

The 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid sedan | American Honda Motor Co., Inc

Each year, U.S. News puts out its list of the best new and used cars for teens. U.S. News states that its criteria are “across five segments, and looks for a winning combination of several components. This includes overall quality, high safety ratings, strong reliability, low long-term ownership costs, and accident avoidance technologies.”

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