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The minivan is quite possibly the most misunderstood vehicle classification in the world. There’s a stigma surrounding minivans that turn people off from buying them. They don’t want to look like a “soccer mom” or some other stereotype about the vehicle. Those assumptions are hurting buyers more than anyone because minivans are actually better than SUVs. The people’s alternative to minivans has been SUVs for a while, but minivans in 2021 are legitimate luxury vehicles. Here are 3 reasons why minivans are better than SUVs.

Minivans are more spacious than SUVs

The 2022 Kia Carnival MPV/Minivan | Kia America

Minivans have so much space you won’t even know what to do with all of it. Six adults and two children can ride inside most minivans all at once. Not to mention, the maximum cargo volume inside of minivans is either more than or nearly equal to that of large SUVs. Cargo wells behind the third row of seats are extremely convenient for anything you don’t want rolling around. Groceries, luggage, or anything else goes down into the well and won’t move. Most minivans have either two collapsable rows of seats or completely removable rear seating. This way, when you’re not hauling around a lot of passengers, you’ve got loads of space for any cargo you may need to carry.

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