7-Year-Old Went on a Slushy Run in Parents’ Kia Sportage, Doesn’t Go Great

Kids grow up watching us drive our cars. It stands to reason that they will eventually want to emulate that. However, most kids don’t get the opportunity to take mom and dad’s wheels to the store at seven years old. Technically, seven-year-old Daniel Wittenbach made the opportunity for himself and took his shot with his parents’ Kia Sportage while they were sleeping. 

Daniel Wittenbach going to get a slushy | YouTube via WLWT

How did this kid get his parents’ car? 

Daniel Wittenbach woke up, like many of us often do, with a slushy on the mind. As any adult would do when faced with such a hankering, he got the keys to the Kia Sportage and set off for his refreshing sweet treat. However, Daniel isn’t an adult with his own Kia; He’s seven and obviously doesn’t own a car, but his folks do. 

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