8 Fastest Street-Legal Electric Motorcycles You Can Buy in 2022

The eight fastest street-legal electric motorcycles on sale in 2022:

  • California-based Lightning makes the two fastest street-legal electric motorcycles, while Energica occupies the #3 and #4 spots
  • The Zero SR/S and SR/F are tied for 5th place, while the LiveWire One is in 8th place
  • They won’t be on sale until later in 2022, but the Verge TS and Energica Experia are tied for 7th place, while the Tarform Luna is the sixth-fastest street-legal electric motorcycle

Most riders likely quote practicality when talking about electric motorcycles. With quieter powertrains, less demanding maintenance needs, and cheaper fuel, street-legal electric motorcycles have several advantages over gasoline-powered bikes. Plus, these two-wheeled EVs are cheaper than their four-wheeled brethren. But buying for practical reasons doesn’t mean giving up on performance. And if you want to buy an electric motorcycle this year, the models below are your fastest options.

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