Are The Supreme DUB Spinner Rims Worth $12k? | MotorBiscuit

An argument can be made that some car modifications are practical and possibly necessary. For example, a cargo net for the trunk of an SUV or cross-over can be handy for someone regularly carrying a lot of stuff. On the other hand, some modifications are purely for style or even bragging rights. In many ways, a car is a fashion accessory. Some have no problem dropping significant amounts of cash to stand out from a crowd when it comes to fashion.

Spending a lot of money to stand out is especially true when looking at streetwear culture. Streetwear brands like Anti Social Social Club, Human Made, Stüssy, and others, play heavily on exclusivity. It is not uncommon for streetwear brands to release fashion goods at very high prices in minimal quantities. It can be argued that the architect of that strategy is the famous New York brand, Supreme.

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