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Barn finds cars doesn’t exactly mean it was found in an actual barn — sometimes, like in the case of this abandoned 1967 AMC Rebel SST, it just means that you found the car outside. Barn finds cars carn be exciting and terrifying. They haven’t been moved or turned over in years, they could have ceased motors, structural rust, and a number of other serious problems that prevent them from being safe, roadworthy, or even worth buying. That isn’t always the case, however, and for this abandoned piece of automotive history, things weren’t as bad as they may have initially seemed.

What to expect from a car abandoned for 40 years

1968 Annual AHRA Winter Nationals; Grant Rebel’s AMC SST pulls hard off the line | Bob Swaim, The Enthusiast Network, Getty Images

Your expectations of any care after being abandoned for 40 years should be abysmally low — and, when things turn out better than you expected, you can always be excited about it rather than disappointed and out thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, which can, unfortunately, happen anytime you are rebuilding a wrecked or discarded vehicle — yep, even YouTubers aren’t immune to that misfortune. When you find a car that has been abandoned for decades, there is a lot of potentials, and well, probable, issues you will face, but surprisingly, this 1967 AMC Rebel SST was able to overcome the biggest hurdle of all when the V8 engine was able to turn over and run.

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