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If you’re in the market for a used car and happen to be perusing dealer lots for your next ride, be sure to check all of the stickers in the windows. One of the forms that are typically taped to one of the windows is called a “Buyer’s Guide” and it will tell you whether or not the car is being sold with a warranty. If not, then the checked-off box will read “As is – No Dealer Warranty,” and you should be careful of that.

What does “sold as is” mean?

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A car that’s being sold “as is” simply means that it does not include a warranty from the dealership. According to TrueCar, that also means that when you sign the contract to take ownership of that car, you’re also agreeing to take on pre-existing or future repairs it may have. And if any repairs or issues do come up, then the dealer you bought it from is not obligated to pay for them or reimburse you.

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