“Carolina Squat” Truck Modification Illegal in North Carolina December 1 | MotorBiscuit

While 2021 has been ridiculous enough, the “Carolina Squat” is banned in North Carolina on the first of December. The “Carolina Squat” is a truck or SUV modification that looks as silly as it sounds. But it is about to be banned in North Carolina, so read up before your truck gets caught in the drama.

What is the “Carolina Squat” truck modification?

“Carolina Squat” Illegal in North Carolina Effective December 1 | Donut Media via YouTube

The Carolina Squat modification is a change with the suspension. The front end of the truck or SUV is lifted up while the back of the vehicle is lowered. It looks like a teeter-totter in motion, but on a moving car. This isn’t fad all over the U.S.; it is more prevalent in certain states. North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and other southern states have glamorized the trend on social media. If you are in Tennessee, you might know it as the Tennessee Tilt. In California, it’s known as the Cali Lean.

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