DeLorean Factory Tour Is A Trip Back In Time | MotorBiscuit

To those who were small children in the 1980s, the DeLorean sports car will likely conjure up feelings of nostalgia and memories of the Back To The Future films, in which the vehicle played a starring role as a time machine. Those who were a bit older during the late 70s and early 80s might remember DeLorean for entirely different and more controversial reasons.

Despite someone’s particular memories of the DeLorean, it is safe to assume that nearly everyone can recognize the car’s place in pop culture. The DeLorean’s iconic gullwing doors and stainless steel body panels make it memorable in the minds of anyone who saw one in photos, film, or in person. Just one glimpse at the Tesla Cybertruck instantly shows that the DeLorean clearly inspired its designer.

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