Drag Race: Mustang vs Camaro vs Charger | MotorBiscuit

Some say that muscle cars are only good for one thing: a drag race. We totally agree with that sentiment. Today, modern muscle cars are much better at handling corners than they were back in the 70s. The current Ford Mustang is quite capable on just about any road course in the world. The same can be said for the current Chevrolet Camaro which (depending on trim) comes with a magnetic ride system that allows the car to adjust its dampening on the fly.

Despite all of the current advancements in these cars that make them much more road course-friendly, we can’t argue with the fact that after all these decades, muscle cars are still really good at drag racing. Lining two muscle cars side by side in a drag race is the foundation of the greatest rivalries in American pop culture. 

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