Engine Knocking and Weak? The EGR Valve Might Need Cleaning – MotorBiscuit

Cleanliness doesn’t often come up in wrenching discussions, but regularly washing your car is genuine maintenance. However, cars’ exteriors and interiors aren’t the only things that need to be regularly cleaned. While you shouldn’t power-wash your engine, if you let grime build-up, it can lead to all sorts of problems. That list of problems includes part failures, which can eventually lead to engine damage—or worse. And one of those parts is the EGR valve.

What does an EGR valve do?

A dirty EGR valve resting atop a car | via YouTube

Internal combustion engines produce a variety of exhaust gases, many of which are harmful to humans and the environment. That’s why cars have catalytic converters, to convert some of these gases to less harmful variants. However, even the best ‘cat’ can only do so much, especially against NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions. Luckily, it doesn’t shoulder clean-up duties alone.

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