Ford GT With Paper Tags Splits in Half After Fiery, High-Speed Crash in Los Angeles

On Saturday afternoon, the driver of a Ford GT speeding through Beverly Hills lost control of his supercar, sending it spinning and ultimately crashing into multiple vehicles. Two cars were destroyed in the fiery collision—including the Ford which split in half—and unfortunately, two people were hospitalized.

A Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson told The Drive that the wreck occurred around 4:28 p.m. at the 10300 block of Wilshire Boulevard, a major thoroughfare in the area that’s no stranger to high-end sports cars. At that time, multiple 911 calls came in indicating a multi-vehicle collision, and according to a statement issued to Road and Track, one person was ejected from their car. Videos of the scene uploaded to Citizen show wreckage scattered around the street and at least four vehicles damaged, two of them almost beyond recognition—one an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrfoglio and the other a 2005 or 2006 Ford GT.

As shown on Google Maps, the crash site fell at the heavily populated edge of a residential/commercial area, making it a particularly poor place to drive at high speed—or, as some witnesses claim, street race. One account posted to Facebook recalls sounds of heavy acceleration immediately preceding the crash, while commenters on an Instagram photo of the Ford taken Saturday morning reported seeing it “racing” a white Porsche GT car—possibly the 997.1 GT3 seen in the Citizen videos linked above.

“Witnesses that I spoke to stated that the two cars were racing and blew past them nearly causing other accidents down Wilshire,” said @digimaxprod.

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