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While the S550 certainly broke a debilitating pattern in subpar Mustang suspension, older generations weren’t quite as responsive as others in its class. The mid-70s Mustangs used double wishbone suspension in the front, which helped a great deal, but it was still lagging behind some of its European counterparts. Luckily, modern tuning companies have created solutions for owners of virtually every generation Mustang. After tackling some preventative maintenance, look into coilover suspension. 

What is coilover suspension?

Traditional Mustang suspension has its spring separated from its shock. It’s simple, but not quite as elegant as other more advanced options. A coilover front suspension has the shock perched inside of the spring. This allows a mechanic, or whomever, to adjust the ride height and, depending on the kit, the rebound, and compression. It’s complicated and might need expert input, but offers multiple options for dialing in the suspension to where it’s just right.

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