Here Are Some of the Oldest Tools You Own

Not all tools are built to last beyond a few uses, let alone across generations. In some cases, a tool you buy today will break today, and then you’re left stuck in the middle of a job with less money in your account. Because of the precarious nature of the tool market, it is vitally important to keep an open discussion with fellow wrenchers about the tools they rely on, the tools that have failed them, and the tools they wouldn’t even try. The more we share, the more we know, and the better all of our tool sets will be.

Last week, we asked our readers to show us the oldest tools they have, whether they were items purchased or tools handed down from old friends or family members. Part of us simply wanted any excuse to talk tools with everybody, but the exercise holds value, as well. Not only can we see the cool pieces of history everybody keeps in their garages, we also get to learn which tool brands can stand on their claims of quality

The responses returned offer a great selection of different types of tools and brands, some of which your parents or grandparents would be familiar with. Check out the tools, which include a saw from the 1800s and an old wooden Peugeot hand drill, below, and feel free to show us more old tools in the comments!

A Saw from 1870

@themrfreeze: “Oldest tool I have is this handsaw, which dates from around 1870.  If you look really close, the original owner’s name is etched into the blade, just below the area of the spine where the manufacturer’s stamp is.”

Ford Wrench from Model A Tool Set

@Chris M: “Man, I don’t even know where to begin. Two of the oldest tools in my set are my great grandfathers Bed Rock 606 plane, about 100 years old, and my wife’s great grandfather‘s Ford wrench, which we believe is from a model A tool kit. As far as power tools, my top two favorites are my great grandfathers pre-war worm drive Skilsaw, and a porter cable guild router that converts into a planer. The planer cost $96 new, which was a fortune in 1950.” 

Plomb Ratchet

@idiotking: “I have a bunch of old tools from my Dad but my favorite is a Plomb ratchet I found in the bottom of one of his toolboxes. It was broken, but a $14 repair kit from Proto had it working good as new.” 

Plumb Ball Peen Hammer

@Slow Joe Crow: “My father’s old Plumb ball peen hammer from the 60s and the Hazet spark plug wrench from my parent’s 1966 Mercedes.  I  also have various hand tools dating back to 1980, an AEG 1/2″ hammer drill from 1987 and a Craftsman industrial  1/2″ electric impact wrench from 1989.”

Grandfather’s Screwdrivers and Wrenches

@Morgan_ATX: “small selection of tools passed down from my grandfather…. he was repairman by trade and was born over 100 years ago… so a couple of these could be quite old. I still have my very first tool set, a 100-piece craftsman set from the late ’80s. Only have ever had to replace a few of the stockets (cracked 14mm,  rounded off 1/4″).  I would post the picture but /Drive only allows attaching 1 pic and not multiple”

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