How Choosing the Right Type of Car Tires Can Help You Save Money on Gas

There are a few factors to think about before you buy new car tires. First, you will want to consider braking performance for safety reasons. You’ll also want to think about wet-weather grip. For instance, do you live somewhere where it snows or rains regularly? Next, think about how long the tires are going to last. We understand that not everyone can afford to replace tires frequently, but quality should always be at the top of your shopping list. Lastly, price. Is this a part of your vehicle you’re willing to splurge on, or do you not drive often? Keep in mind that your tire’s rolling resistance can end up saving you money at the gas pump. Let’s see how. 

What are low-rolling-resistance tires? 

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According to Consumer Reports, “Rolling resistance refers to the energy it takes to rotate the tires, affected by the friction caused when the tire surface meets the road. The Department of Energy estimates that 4 to 11 percent of fuel consumption is due to tire rolling resistance.” 

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