How To Beat The Tesla Model S Plaid In A Drag Race | MotorBiscuit

When it comes to Tesla Model S Plaid, CEO Elon Musk is not afraid to make bold claims and promises. Sometimes those promises don’t come true—for example, the release dates of the Cybertruck and the second generation Telsa Roadster. Fans can argue that Elon’s promises were broken due to circumstances out of his control. That is a fair point to make, but others could remain skeptical.

On the other hand, some of Elon’s wildest claims have actually turned out to be true. For instance, take the Tesla Model S Plaid. Leading up to the release, Elon said that the Plaid would have the fastest 0 to 60 mph and quarter-mile time of any other production car. A bold claim to say the least, but third parties have tested those claims, and it turns out that he was absolutely right.

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