Is Buying a Used 2018 Nissan Leaf Worth It?

Electric vehicles have continually become more popular. As the technology surrounding them gets more advanced, great options are released yearly. Because of the constant innovation, automakers are making huge strides for EVs, and many automakers are committing to an electrified future. But, if you want to break into this market and buy a used model instead, should you consider buying a used 2018 Nissan Leaf?

What is the Nissan Leaf?

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The Nissan Leaf first came to the US in 2010 as a spunky and unique electric car. At the time, electric cars were still carving out a role on the market, and the Nissan Leaf was helping to lead the way. Electric vehicles were not new, but for the first time, they were becoming more widely available. Nissan was also no stranger to electric cars. The brand had been producing electric vehicles in limited numbers since the 1974 Nissan Laurel C130-EV. But, the Nissan Leaf was something else entirely.

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