Is Grave Digger the 1st Monster Truck? | MotorBiscuit

For those who dream of a little destruction and mayhem, there’s nothing like a Monster Jam rally. Seeing humongous trucks racing over smaller vehicles is a thrilling experience for drivers and audience members. As with most sports, some trucks have become more popular than others, however, and the Grave Digger is one of the top picks. Is it the original monster truck, however, or does that title go to another?

Grave Digger is a Monster Jam legend

The Grave Digger monster truck | Andy Jones / Barcroft Media via Getty Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Getting a chance at driving a monster truck on major circuits isn’t easy, especially when it comes to Monster Jam. Grave Digger got lucky, however. A competitor that was supposed to jump in and crush some cars didn’t show up, and Grave Digger was given the slot. So, ever since, it’s been a fan favorite.

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