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Lowering your car will undoubtedly change its look and handling characteristics and there are a few different ways to get the job done. One cost-effective way is to install a set of lowering springs and sports shocks, while another route is to install a set of coilovers. Both methods can get a little pricey, so the best bang for your budget could be going with “option C” and throwing on a set of lowering springs with the car’s factory shock absorbers. But is that really a good idea?

What are lowering springs?

Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs |

Lowering springs are aftermarket replacements that are shorter and stiffer than a car’s factory springs. Their shorter height is what lowers the car’s suspension geometry and they should ideally be paired with an aftermarket shock absorber that’s meant to compensate for the spring’s reduced travel. Also, an aftermarket sport shock is typically better set up to absorb the stiffer ride that the aftermarket springs provide, both when cruising and when cornering.

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