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It isn’t uncommon to see someone driving along with a dog looking out the driver’s seat window rather than in the back with a pet carrier. You may have also been tempted to do it yourself. For many pet owners, it begins as a way to calm the dog down on a first car ride or something similar. However, it does make us question whether driving with a pet on your lap complies with car safety measures. Beyond that, is driving with a dog in your lap legal or not?

Is it illegal to have a pet in your lap while driving?

A pair of pet dogs in a car | Ezra Acayan/Getty Images

Driving with a pet in your lap is not explicitly illegal in many areas. In 2019, only one state, Hawaii, would fine you for having Fido sit with you in the driver’s seat. If caught, you could have to pay a $97 fine. However, according to Paul Giannetti Attorney At Law, driving with a pet on your lap could be considered distracted driving.

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