Is the International Space Station Actually a Good Investment? | MotorBiscuit

The International Space Station was launched on November 20th, 1998. And since then, it eats up about $4 billion a year to keep the ISS floating through space. But to some, investing in this space station has been nothing but a waste of money for over 20 years. So what experiments have been performed on the ISS, and are they worth the expense?

The International Space Station In Orbit | NASA

How much does the ISS cost?

Over its 20+ years in orbit, the international space station costs over $150 billion to develop, making it the most expensive thing ever built. Currently, it costs $88,000 to $164,000 per person per day to operate things. And with seven people on board the ISS, it costs around $616,000 to $1.2 million per day. Most of the money sunk into the space station is fronted by NASA, but other nations such as Russia, Europe, Japan, and Canada all chip in.

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