Most Drivers Won’t Do This Safe Driving Technique AAA Recommends | MotorBiscuit

The auto world is full of myths, bad advice, and questionable driving tips. But there’s something to be said for safe driving techniques. They can help prevent wrecks, promote car safety, and make cruising down the highway a more pleasant experience. So why isn’t every driver using the zipper merge, a technique that AAA recommends?

What exactly is a zipper merge?

Drivers eschew the zipper merge at road construction in Pennsylvania | Bill Uhrich/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

Have you ever been driving down the highway when you see one of those dreaded traffic signs announcing a lane is closed? Now you’re faced with a dilemma. Should you immediately move into the open lane and watch everyone else pull ahead of you? Or should you zoom to the front of the line and merge just as the lane closes?

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