Oops: Google Funded Its Future Competitor in Self-Driving Delivery Vehicles – MotorBiscuit

Autonomous vehicles are the cars of the future, but unlike other predictions, scientists and engineers have been making steady progress toward autonomous vehicles. To be clear, automakers are still far away from building a truly autonomous car, but these types of vehicles aren’t a pipe dream. Two companies working on making autonomous vehicles right now are Google and Nuro, and funnily enough, Google actually helped fund Nuro in the past. 

What is Nuro anyway?

A Nuro self-driving Dominos pizza delivery vehicle | Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Cars are versatile tools, and we use them for a lot of things. For example, Tesla and other automakers are trying to improve on their semi-autonomous self-driving technology so that drivers don’t have to drive. Other companies, such as Waymo, are trying to create autonomous vehicles to taxi people around. However, one crucial function of cars is to deliver goods to places. 

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