Tesla Model 3 Owner Discovers Car Was Delivered Missing a Brake Pad

Gillmore recorded the above video to send to her Tesla service advisor, who claims multiple technicians listened to the video, only to declare “the brakes sounded normal for a performance Model 3.” Gillmore didn’t buy it and pushed to get an appointment sooner, only to be told to get the car towed in if she was worried.

She was right to be concerned, as by Dec. 23 the noise had gotten so bad that she visited an independent local Tesla shop, where a technician removed a wheel to discover the inside brake pad on the left-rear corner was missing. In a video captured by said tech, he posits that the car likely needs not just a pad, but also a new rotor and brake caliper. Only after seeing this video, Gillmore says, did the Tesla service center invite her in.

At the time of service, Gillmore says Tesla had no loaner to offer her (one has since been given, albeit with expired tags), and instead supplied her with Uber credits to use. As her car was at the shop over a holiday weekend, she didn’t have the chance to check in until Dec. 27, when she was told the parts were on order and that her car was expected to be ready on the 31st. That day, her car’s ETA was pushed back to Jan. 7, on which date she was told parts still weren’t available, and that her car was being delayed to Jan. 14 as a result.

It was at this point Gillmore asked about having her car bought back, to which the Tesla service manager responded by offering to cover a payment. She accepted the offer but also requested Tesla reimburse her for the $100 inspection at an independent shop. Tesla has since delayed her car’s completion yet again, though this time by only five days, to Jan. 19.

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