Tesla Reportedly Declined Pushing Super Saiyan Limits for the Model S Plaid for a Simple Reason | MotorBiscuit

Remember the movie Spaceballs? If you don’t (or, heaven forbid, haven’t seen this classic comedy), there’s a scene in which the villain, Dark Helmet, orders his starship’s crew to chase the hero, Lonestar’s, ship. In a spoof of sci-fi film scenes in which starship captains engage light speed, and the viewing audience is suddenly treated to a kaleidoscope of light, Dark Helmet orders his crew to go to the top speed, “Ludicrous speed.” The hero’s sidekick then comments on the kaleidoscope from the villain’s ship that he and the viewers see, noting they’re going so fast, “they’ve gone to plaid.” So, how does this relate to the Tesla Model S?

Well, Elon Musk took this in-joke as the basis for the name of his new Tesla Model S variant. The new Model S Plaid is also so-named because its performance metrics are, frankly, Super Saiyan-level.

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