The Famous and Infamous Indy Pace Trucks

Before the 2022 Indy 500 starts on Sunday, May 29, the pace car will be out front. Race series use pace cars (or safety cars) to keep the race cars at a safe speed during a race. At Indy, that speed is 140 miles per hour, so you need a fast car, so this year a 70th Anniversary Corvette Z06 will lead the pack, and it will be driven by Indy podium-finisher Sarah Fisher. But it’s not always cars. Over the years several companies have fielded trucks, and even an SUV, to keep the cars on pace.

The company that provides the official Pace Car usually also provides the trucks that are used on the infield to haul stuff for teams. In the past, they were outfitted with gas pumps, with cranes for taking wrecked cars off the track, or as fire trucks. Those “official truck” editions are then sold to the public, but usually, they’re regular trucks only with special paint jobs. Usually, but not always.

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