Ukraine’s Prototype Kevlar-E Armored Fighting Vehicle Has Joined The Fight Against Russia

Exactly how representative the prototype Kevlar-E was or is of a notional production-standard example and what its exact capabilities might be in its current form are unclear. The video we’ve seen shows that it is clearly drivable if nothing else. 

It’s interesting to note that Russia appears to have deployed some of its small, almost prototype fleet of BMPT-72 Terminator armored fighting vehicles to Ukraine, as well. Reports indicate that only nine BMPT-72s are in service.

Even if the Kevlar-E prototype’s capabilities are more limited compared to what UkrInnMash has expected from actual production models, the Ukrainian military is no doubt happy to have any and all armored vehicles it can lay its hands on to help defend the country against advancing Russian forces. If the vehicle’s turret is functional, it offers just that much more extra mobile firepower along with added capacity to move small numbers of troops around under armor, as well as a way to help retrieve casualties under fire.

This vehicle was built at a factory in Kharkiv, which would have made it an even easier decision to roll it out. The city continues to be a major target for Russian forces in a country where even the average citizenry is increasingly mobilized, armed with whatever weapons are at hand, including homemade Molotov cocktails

It’s absolutely all hands on deck in Ukraine’s fight against Russia, which apparently includes experimental armored vehicles.

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