Will a Modern Engine Swap Lower Your Classic Car’s Value? – MotorBiscuit

Giving a vintage car a modern heart transplant is a common sight in the restomod world. And as crate electric motors become available, some classic cars aren’t just getting engine swaps, but EV swaps, too. However, while modern engine swaps have their upsides, they do have some drawbacks. Chief among them is the chance that your engine-swapped classic car’s value could take a dive. But is that a genuine possibility, or a pointless worry?

‘Numbers matching’ classic cars often have the highest market values

Speedkore’s classic 1970 Dodge Challenger ‘Evolutuion’ with a Demon 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine swap | Speedkore

Originality is often paramount in the classic car market, at least where value is concerned. It’s part of the reason why that Ford Falcon XA GTHO sold for roughly $1.5 million, for example. And unless the car has its original engine, it can’t be a ‘numbers matching’ classic.

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