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Loud pipes don’t save lives, but a solid motorcycle helmet can. Hence why it’s one of the most vital motorcycle accessories, if not the single most important one. However, it doesn’t matter how many safety organizations certified your helmet if you don’t wear or use it properly. And that means making sure it fits properly.

An ill-fitting motorcycle helmet isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s unsafe

MotoGP racer Valentino Rossi checks how his motorcycle helmet fits at a 2006 Malaysian Grand Prix practice session | TENGKU BAHAR/AFP via Getty Images

Motorcycle helmets aren’t identical to auto-racing ones and don’t deal with the same kinds of impacts. However, some helmet guidelines are universal. Firstly, pick the helmet that’s most appropriate for the environment. You wouldn’t wear a dual-sport helmet to a paved racetrack, for example. And secondly, as with car-specific helmets, motorcycle helmets need to fit your head correctly.

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