Cleanspark Inc Sees Relative Strength Rating Rise To 83

The Relative Strength (RS) Rating for Cleanspark Inc (CLSK) entered a new percentile Friday, with a rise from 80 to 83.


When you’re researching the best stocks to buy and watch, keep a close on eye on relative price strength.

This exclusive rating from Investor’s Business Daily tracks market leadership with a 1 (worst) to 99 (best) score. The rating shows how a stock’s price performance over the last 52 weeks stacks up against all the other stocks in our database.

Decades of market research shows that the stocks that go on to make the biggest gains typically have an 80 or better RS Rating in the early stages of their moves.

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While the stock is not near an ideal entry right now, see if it manages to form and break out from a proper base.

Earnings growth increased last quarter from 0% to 269%. But revenue gains fell from 131% to 122%. The company is expected to report its latest results on or around Aug. 4.

Cleanspark Inc earns the No. 33 rank among its peers in the Computer-Technical Services industry group. Epam Systems (EPAM) and Perficient (PRFT) are also among the group’s highest-rated stocks.


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