IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For July 2, 2021

Looks like it could be a high-flying Friday; good morning to IBD Live International from Minneapolis! Happy July 4th, Scott! Hatman Happy Friday! Happy happy, Jeff! Hat Man, Ed and Ali – you guys are really good at hosting and really appreciate how you keep the show moving Thanks! We appreciate it. Good Morning IBD Live and Happy Birthday America! Great song, Miss Coram! Happy Birthday America indeed, Shane! I’m betting this choice is Ali’s! great song for July 4th weekend, even if it is going to be raining where I am. Yeah it was a new song to me until this morning but I really like Thomas Rhett! Can you comment on yesterday’s action with AMAT. Thanks. Has some exposure to the memory market, so it fell in sympathy with Micron, which was down despite a pretty good report. AMAT’s chart still looks fine. On breakout watch. Have to shazam this one. Country not my genre I’m in your camp, Mark, on this one Good morning! Long weekend… Right back at ya! GM Blaine! love the song – good morning from London Morning, Phil! Hey David, Nice hat! Got mine on!!! 🙂 Hey Jim!!! That’s the way!!! Hatman Good morning from Chicago where the weather is beautiful – Mid 80 degrees. We should have a strong close to the week into the extended weekend! As Chris would say, Peter, “I like the cut of your jib!” Good Morning All! GM Stephen! Greetings Great Scott! good AM everyone, thanks! Good morning and Happy 4th of July weekend! Love the country music, more like that please. Hi Gary! We will! Cheers to all! Cheers HatMan II !! Morning team. Can we have a look at FIGS. Would you buy more at current levels? GM Patrick! We think it’s extended. Getting resistance near 50. Any chance to have the responder’s name on the final Q&A posted to the website after each show? I’ll talk to the team about this — maybe we can start putting our initials next to the response like so -AC Scott I enjoyed your “Staying in step with the Market.” Position sizing is huge. TY Can you look at TBIO seems to be making a move.. what does the panel think about this one? Absolutely, David, this one has caught my attention! It’s joined the IBD 50 and has been a strong outperformer. Let’s closely watch it, as the base builds. No. 25 in the list now. Hatman — Hi there! CRNC gapping up? Hi Francisco! Yes, Cerence getting added to the S&P MidCap 400. OLO Making a stand at its 10-week line. Would like to see a weekly close in upper half of range. Still in lower half Ali looking good sporting the red! Hi everyone! Always good to see Scott on the show! Any quotes for us? 🙂 I’ll try to find one LOL to Hat Man – like the moouustache ! Work in progress Scott! Is there a trading day on Monday? I am confused; I thought it was a partial day Market closed Monday Little known fact. David Saito-Chung was the inspiration for Tom Sellecks Mustache and played a pivotal part in his landing of the role on Magnum P.I. Just when we thought we knew everything about Hatman. Hat Man, Does the IBD Live hat come in Navy Blue? I’d love to order one. Thanks, Douglas Hi Douglas! Unfortunately not at this time. But let me do an inventory check. . . NVCR yesterday. SPCE today. Great portfolio components! (not for me…) What a market, huh? Scott, I missed the latest ‘Staying in Step with the Market” webinar. Is it available on MS now? It’s on the home page now at Good morning guys . Do your emotions like fear and greed ever get in the way of your trading rules? Of course, it’s human nature. But the more experience you have, the better you get at containing these emotions. Scott, what was your 2nd stock pick? DLO Happy Birthday to the Greatest Country the world has ever seen…and a side note my 51st wedding Anniversary Sunday July 4th. Aw that’s awesome! Hatman… How do I score a Marketsmith cap? Hi Matthew! Thank you for joining IBD Live. Lemme see what I can do… Ed, great job on news, entertaining today!! I agree, Rachelle, Ed hit a home run Can we look at TIGR & QFIN? Both have come down; Would you buy at these levels? live answered CRNC – gap up, extended? It’s being added to the S&P MidCap 400 index. I typically don’t buy on these one-off events, but it’s still in buy range from 120.10 entry. Scott – what names are you waiting to come to you. What % are you invested?? are you sitting on sidelines Very rare for me not to have at least one stock, I’m always trying something 🙂 GM Everyone! Please discuss the action in MSFT. With so many catalysts, how should investors continue to build? GM Joe! I have been accumulating shares in MSFT as the breakout past the latest buy point, 263.29 in a very shallow cup, is working nicely. Still in the buy zone. 5% buy zone goes up to 276.45. As a Long-Term Leader, we maintain a half-size position in Leaderboard. and Are you taking profits in NVDA or looking for a big move? Impressive that it didn’t have any trouble taking out the 800 level. It’s been a nice winner on Leaderboard. No plans to take profits at this point, although pullback to 21-day EMA would be perfectly normal at this point after breakout over 648.67 entry. ED – NVCR down again at the opening – what price would Arusha be adding??? Thanks and Happy Friday I think we need NVCR to set up again. Can AAPL play a NKE on you? I think so, Alex, if I understand your question; it can move in such a way that if you wait too long for a pullback, you’ll miss it. Is it possible to get Mark Minervini back? He’ll be back this month. Don’t know if we’ve 100% locked down the date. MSFT doing well also live answered Scott, watch SHOP here live answered AAPL says it is stage 3 but it has been basing for a long time, would you consider that the base is reset due to the long time of basing That’s a valid argument IMO TSLATrying to move on volume. live answered Shop – actionable today? Can we review please I’d rather wait for it to break out with convction over 1,552. More aggressive traders might opt to nibble if SHOP moves above today’s high of 1,498 please look at tsla live answered Ed, I believe our $ZIM ride might be coming to an end or reduced a good amount Might be! TSLA up nominally! lol live answered TSLA moving on HEAVY volume here live answered looking at SHOP- in buy range, can you discuss- thank you live answered Hi Ken – what’s your take on QFIN? I had a quick 20pc gain, 8 week hold in effect and it was crashed back down – now only up 4pc – sell or hold? Fhx If I were in your shoes, I’d cut it loose if it takes out today’s low (36.83). China stocks are so difficult, especially with increasing regulatory concerns. INMD leaderboard name in BUY zone – testing 10 day – Any Thoughts Hi James! Yes, this four-day pullback, to me, is normal and in quiet turnover. We saw a narrow cup with handle at 87.10, w/ the 5% buy zone up to 91.45. But, let’s keep an eye on how it handles a potential bounce off the 21-day exponential moving average. Cheers, Hatman — VSTO is pulling back on huge volume early today – could we take a look at it? live answered Thoughts on ZIM live answered TSLA moves through short term pivot live answered Dave: regarding FUTU vs QFIN, appreciate your comments based on your recent interaction with FUTU Thanks much Francisco! I plan to do more research, too to Dave (da Hat Man) – we agree with you completely on AAPL (Apple) ! We just sold part of a long term position in TSLA & bought AAPL this morning. Here’s why: 1) Air Tags; 2) 5G network means a lot of people will be trading in their current iPhone 6, 7, & 8 phones; 3) Tesla split & rose significantly; Apple split but has not seen much upward movement after the spilt yet; 4) In our opinion, we are at the beginning of the “super cycle” upgrading that analysts have been predicting for a while now – based on trading in a 6+ to an XR just last week. Very impressed with the XR, which is a couple generations behind the 12. You are preaching to the choir, man! Thanks so much. Hat Good morning, Please comment about DIDI. Thanks… live answered Happy Independance Day! Comments on what Ed reported on SBLK and what it means to shareholders is appreciated. live answered “TSLA breaking a trend line . Actionable here for a new position?” live answered SHOP — If this is on your buy list . . . +2.09% — Vol +179% . . . you could initiate or add to a position. How are you treating SHOP, Peter? Hatman Lord Abbett & Wasatch in ITCI in Medical-Biomedical/Biotech industry group Thanks Thomas! Interesting small cap! Intra-Cellular Therapies! Any thoughts on LULU working on a consolidation under $400 that dates back to Sept? Hi Leah! Yes, you are absolutely right. This luxury spending and retail giant has been in hibernation for so long. I am establishing a position, though, as the base continues to build. Looks like a handle has formed, with a 371.10 entry emerging. I own a TSLA and likely WILL NOT buy another one. Been disapointing. Good to know. TSLA – Calif is exception. not rule. Perhaps! Scott, there’s only 1 Tesla in all of Pocatello, ID, so plenty of room to expand. LOL recency bias for me LOL ED — Breaking News: Ford’s June sales decline by 26.9% as company misses second quarter expectations. Thanks. Just saw that. Can you please look at new IPO, MNDY? 3 Weeks Tight forming??? We mentioned this one in the Stock Market Today video yesterday after the close. Chart looks great. Really showing strength and support. Good potential. Whats going on with ZIM?!! Any news? Ugh. I don’t see anything. SBLK is down on stock sale, but that’s not relevant for ZIM. ZIM at 50sma… a bounce or down with the ship:) Where are the lifeboats? Just asking… AVTR, pulling back today, still ok? Holding 10-day line. Perfectly fine! Ali – Can you please share the link of previous IBD podcasts? Archive available at 🙂 Scott, how come I can’t set alert on intraday time frame on trend line? Is there a way to get around it? No they do not work on intra day charts Firearm background checks dropped in June. Thus the reason VSTO stock is down Yep. I’m going to bring that up. Thanks. TSLA moved well at the open Market off highs, so that’s not helping. Other EV stocks selling off. Is there a significant difference between a 10 week line and a 50day MA? I notice IBDers always call it 10 week. Am I missing something? 10-week is the weekly chart equivalent of the daily chart 50-day. So there can be a modest difference. what do you mean breaking out of nothing? Not a “real base” ipo HTF? kinda thin Similar action to a high tight flag, but this pattern tends to form after a much larger gain. Really like MNDY’s weekly chart, though. Showing strength and support, trading tightly near highs. What would you do??? I own 8 stocks. All down: -9.27%, -1.20%, -10.57%, -9.22%, -3.67%, -22.54%, -12.30%, -12.97% We always sell when we’re down 7-8% from our entry price. We don’t want losses to get out of hand, and we never want to “hold and hope” — that can lead to catastrophic losses! any thoughts on adding to nvax If it were me, I’d be adding if it moves with conviction above its recent high of 229.50. I would like to personally thank Julie Mak for answering one of my questions. My question was not answered during a recent session, but I received an email from Julie later in the day with links to IBD articles that addressed my question. That’s outstanding customer service!! Awesome, glad to hear it Joseph! Sorry if this question is very basic, what are the SO & PSO indicators on the marketsmith chart just above the volume are (Example : ZIM on 1/6 and 6/4) Secondary offering, priced secondary offering hi,SHOP is extended …? should i look at the 21 mov average ?ty Not extended. It’s setting up again. Watching for new breakout over 1,552. Aggressive traders might opt to buy early if it moves above today’s high of 1,498. What’s the Baltric Dry Index – can you please explain? Baltic Dry Index tracks shipping rates – which basically the big driver for oceangoing shipping firms. It has big swings, especially when the “supply” of ships is tight. BDRY is the Marketsmith symbol for Baltic Dry Index ETF. Ah thanks! ZIM and BABA signed an extension of their commercial agreement, any additional news here? That was a couple weeks ago. Don’t anything more on this. BDRY is ETF for dry bulk index Thanks! I own a 3/4 position in NVDA and I hear alot about filling positions on strength, is it now too late to add on? Yes it is. Sit tight with what you have. Consider trimming if it breaks 21-day EMA. Still nicely above that support level though. Time to revisit LULU ? Pretty good setup. In position for breakout try over 371 (June 25 high) How can you buy anything CHINA right now? Too risky, I agree. What is wrong today? Indexes up but too many heavy losses Seems like a replay of Thursday. is FUTU like UPST Totally different business. FUTU is an online brokerage. UPST operates an AI lending platform. Scott- is there a way to set a alert in MS on a group of stocks in a predifined screen all at once rather than one at a time. Ex: IBD 50- can alerts be set for all 50 at one time to alert if they hit the 10 week moving average. unfortunatley no, we do not have this feature Can we look at IPO – $ZIP – Thank you! Happy Fourth to you all! xo live answered Market is up marginally and I am getting hammered today. Not good for growth stocks I felt the same way Thursday (and today to some extent) Add on to my previous question about collection of “rules”: If there isn’t a book, how could I find a collection of articles that address it? I’m an old dog trying to learn a new trick here, so any help (and snacks) are greatly appreciated! 😀 “This is a good place to start:” It’s tough at these early IPO levels without longer term moving averages. Do you use pivots, support and resistance as risk / stop loss levels? live answered Thank you, Ali, Scott and team! of course, thanks Scott, when you say an 8% ss is that a trailing % ? No 8% on cost of capital, once you get up on the stock, you need to use different rules to exit Is there news on APPS? Not looking good today I don’t see any news. A lot of highly value growth names are coming back in the past couple of days. APPS did run up a lot from its lows, so the move isn’t that surprise. Do stocks generally come down weeks after a secondary offering? Is there any connection with ZIM, TIGR, CLF, coming down several weeks after their secondary offerings. I don’t think so – usually the reaction is on the announcement and sale. ‘⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️FIGS and KRNT ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ KRNT looking good, I agree! Have a magnified area on the screen. Would u know how to get rid of its? click on the view button on your zoom screen and you should see a drop down to change that on TSLA I try to be positive but Scott is just so negative. 🙂

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