IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Sept. 7, 2021

Ticker of the day FEVR There we go, Mark! Beyonce’s birthday over the wknd. Good morning. GM Taher. Nice tune! Good Morning IBD Live! Great! A little bluesy tune from Beyonce, Shari! GM! Oh man DR Doom on today Good Morning live answered link to watch list was grayed out on email for Friday. Could not open . Thanks Ed; we’ll check that out. Good Morning from Dallas! Hi John! Chris – any thoughts on NIO. DKNG or PYPL – Happy Tuesday – Thanks PYPL looks the best of the three and actionable today. Good morning IBD team GM Steven GM DR! always great to see you here We’re happy too! Good Morning All…Our hearts also go out to the families affected by the fires in Northern CA Thank you Lewis! A terrific Tuesday to the IBD Live International Team, from Minneapolis, MN !!! Hey Scott! hi team and thanks for the insights, how is yours and David outlook to china stocks and which one particalar are you watching seem very low PE even though thier growth is amazing live answered David FFTY up 11% over last two weeks? live answered Tickers please We’ll cover SBLK by David, and SQ and UAA by Chris What is the difference between UA and UAA? UA was created as a new share class, mainly for voting rights. It does not go as far back in time as UAA, the originial UA. GM from Boerne TX! GM Jim! BMBL-thoughts live answered is anyone looking at gold and miners sinece Fed meeting and last Friday are indicating positive move, signaling underlying inflation ? Dario, it’s interesting that LODE is now trying to retake the 50-day MA, after slumping below this key level for months. The other day, I was curious about NEM GOLD and AU but these heavyweights in the industry are still lagging the stock market leaders. Possibly more money has shifted away from precious metals and into Bitcoin? David discussed IQV a couple weeks ago and the stock has moved slightly higher with lower volume since. Would like his thoughts on the stocks movement since that time. live answered Singer and songwriter Eddie Cooley wrote Fever recorded by Little Willie John. and later by Peggy Lee, Elvis Presley, Madonna, Beyoncé, and many others. Good to know! Hi everybody, I’d love an opinion on DAC, talking about Transportation Ships. Entered on 8/16 then scaled in on 8/20 and 8/27. Loved the volume and price action and at the moment I’m willing to hold on. Any thought or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks a lot I own it myself. Nice support at 10-day line! Thanks Hatman – The other David has been watching last 2 weeks – what makes him pull the trigger. Thanks live answered Last week I asked about AMR and that it looked like a VCP setting up but didn’t get a response and it wasn’t discussed. Perhaps with today’s action I can now get your outlook on this one. Thanks. huger winner but don’t see any new buy area. Way too extended. AVTR buying Masterflex. Its been hard figuring a good entry for AVTR just keeps going up. Could this be an entry? No. It’s been riding its 21-day EMA higher for a while after a breakout. Too extended. Happy to have it on LB though. ‘@David SC can we see teh fund owners in the right side Absolutely; cannot do it each one cuz I think many want us to go through as many stocks as we can. Cheers Neil! NFLX NH live answered Chris – can you discuss what sell rules you are using for your TQQQ position? I’m letting it run right now. If the market gets extended I will be ready to hedge. Looking at SNOW and ABNB .They both look like they are continuing a positive move but I do not see any chart pattern that confirms this. Do you see anything positve in their charts live answered The link to Friday’s Q&A isn’t active. That was my mistake. Here’s the link: Harold had a excellent highlight on BSY – sinificant action this morning live answered Thoughts on metals? NUE STLD TX live answered That makes me happy, Ken. Thanks 😊 live answered TSLA gap up live answered Ready and Watch list not avaiable this weekend Can we take a look at DOCU please? live answered DOCU under pressure is this the pullback Ed was looking for to add??? live answered Tsla live answered DXCM Gap up this morning – Will be interesting to see if it holds today. Medical Products (G2831) and Medical-Systems/Equip strong (G3831) strong. live answered TSLA is really going. I’m sure we’ll get to it. I mentioned it to David. TSLA has gapped up today live answered May i ask – would you not say ZIM is the leader and broken out and these are laggards? I would agree. David Ryan was just pointing out the breadth of leadership in the group. can you please look at Avantor AVTR, mentioned few times weeks ago by the ibdlive team. what is the team analysis, is time to take profits or to add more ? We’ve discussed taking profits in this one on Leaderboard, but we’re still holding. Not time to add more, because it’s very extended. TSLA: Please comment on the unspectacular yet “solid” breakout > Descending Trendline Glad we increased the position (8/30) on Leaderboard! PLNTR has massive volume day after day but not much price change. What does that mean? live answered Is David buying SBLK as it moved past 24.41? live answered SBLK is a first stage base correct? Arguably 2nd stage? Certainly the first stage base was below $10 but it broke out back above the level. ZIM & DAC = Liner Companies (Containers).. The one’s you been looking at (which makes sense) is DRY BULK companies…. Also for sake of good review… Look at Tanker Companies .. just to compare… FRO, EURN, STNG.. (tankers “no good)… for now.. Excellent!! BSY? live answered I been in SBLK for some time.. I like SIZE of company (market cap..) as well. .. live answered Agree… have to be VERY CAREFUL with some of the more iliquid names in the shipping space… live answered RSKD mosing? live answered David, what screen did you find SBLK on? Thanks! IBD 250 DE – What’s the news? Looking, don’t see any… Take a look at GNK on the 5 min chart. IBD live effect? live answered Thanks Ken on DOCU live answered Chris -do you still have ESTC – seems like in a long base and ready to break out – similar to CFLT ? live answered Do you think ASO is topping? live answered CRWD still the leader? live answered Any thought on the weak price action of IDXX this morning ? live answered How should we handle IDXX? live answered The IBD Live Recap email from 09/03 is missing the link to the Ready and Watch lists??? Can that be re-sent? Comments on FB, is there an entry point at this time. live answered Thoughts on PGNY seems to be working well? Forming the right side of a base, but too early. After a strong move off lows w/o much consolidation, would really like to see a handle form. Thoughts on Veev? live answered If your holding a long position. Are you still using your samesell signals what point do you sell Speaking for myself, I tend to trim winning positions with an initial break of the 21-day moving average. I will sell the rest with decisive break of 50-day line. SIG is now down 6% from it’s breakout last week. live answered Good Morning. Can you review the market action in DOCU? Thanks live answered Thoughts on DKNG? I’m not a buyer yet. Nice rally off lows, but I want to see the stock set up more. Hello Ed, your fav, TSLA doing well early on at least. Agreed. Hopefully we’ll get to it soon. Looks like a good day for EV stocks. Dave, D on trendline is Daily Chart Thanks! Why is David the only one with grey hair? I’ve got plenty of gray hair. COOK IPO BASE? Yes, but needs more work, Still in the early stages of forming the right side. Is it a good time to buy ZS? Earnings are later this week. Why is David the only one with grey hair? Plenty of gray on my head! Nike? Testing the 10 week and my patience. 😬😓😉 live answered MSFT dropped below the 300 level early on volume — normal and well deserved rest or reason for concern? Would you recommend paring on breach of 21 day ? Not a bad strategy, but the 50-day is pretty close to the 21-day. For LB, we’ll most likely wait for a test of the 50-day. Ed….but its a china stock……BYDDF Yep. What do you guys think of AFRM? Flagging nicely on daily after holding big gap I agree. Could be setting up again. On my watch list. David, regarding the screen for SBLK; the IBD 250 would be the Marketsmith Growth 250, correct? live answered Thanks for the EV news, does that bode well for lithium? Yes. Of course, that’s been the case for a while. So it’s always possible that’s priced into lithium stocks. IMO, that’s not the case. Chris, thoughts on xp today? Thx Good action. I’m waiting for some tight action before jumping in. why were the Q&A’s from Friday’s session not posted? The link is on the homepage: What does David Ryan think of CRM? Last time it broke out after earnings he thought it be a good idea to let it go sideways before buying. It’s done that, is this a good point to add or take a new position? It’s been moving sideways, but I’d wait for a breakout over a trend line or a breakout over its recent high of 275.22 TSLA – Might be old news but Cathie Wood put a $3000 price target late Friday and Germany is planning to give them a 1.14 Billion Euro Subsidy Cathie Wood reiterated target on Friday before the close. Germany news might be new-ish, but definitely the understanding was that Tesla would seek battery-related subsidies in Germany. What exactly is that elektric Twitter handle ‘@ElectrekCo AMD.. “Frustrating”.. If you have a moment please look at the chart.. worthwhile (to hold?) or not.. If you’re treating it as a swing trade, I would be selling if it takes out the morning low. Holy David , any news on PKI Strong stock, off lows and holding above 10-day line. LTHM Another good one that Pedro Palandrani mentioned on the podcast. I believe that’s the pure play as opposed to ALB and SQM. David could u give me that TWTR handle again for electric. Thank you ‘@ElectrekCo why are industrials getting killed MMM, AMGN, MRK down more than 2% in the Dow. Big jump in 10-year yield, too, up 6 basis points or so to 1.38%. With rates up Look at financials? Interesting XLF not moving much at all despite big jump in 10-year yield. Check out TGH on the move from a consolidating breaking out today good price action today, I agree. First stock, I wait for what Ken says to make my decision. 🙂 Thanks Larry. Ken; UPST too extended to buy. but would you hold or take profits. TY Curt… where would your line in the sand be…? Because it’s been moving higher in light volume, trimming seems like reasonable strategy. If you’ve got a solid gain, waiting for test of the 10-day line also makes sense. Is DE broken? Not broken yet but close. Bad price action today after breakout attempt last week. What the 3rd stock ? TRUP CRWD is pulling back….I’m sitting tight but have a 5% stop Stocks are struggling today – a lot of software names down a few % pts. What is Sparkline? Sparkline just shows you a trend of data. I reversed them, however, so that as a group climbs the rankings the sparkline goes up. Will we get the pdf file again on the industry group analysis? Yep! if i have the group number then how do i find the stocks in them? Under related information on the right hand side; click stocks in the group button on the right, then show all component data. Thoughts on DOCU? Down in heavy volume. After bullish gain Friday, was expecting some follow through day. Disappointing price action for sure. sell DOCU? down almost 3.7% We’re still holding 1/2 position on Leaderboard, but disappointing price action today, no doubt. Any idea why DE is selling? live answered Is it better for stocks to close towards the high during potential breakouts? Absolutely. It’s a sign of sustained buying demand. Is there a screen in Marketsmith for Near Trendline Breakouts?Would be a good idea… Good question. We are updating the Pattern Rec. I’ll see if the developers could create that algo which would recognize downtrends within bases. Wondering if I should get out of DOCU? It’s still a nicely profitable position on Leaderboard so we’re holding, but for those who bought later and are down 3% to 4% from their intitial buy, I would consider selling. Ken. whats your thinking on DKNG? Nice rally off lows and showing some signs of accumulation, but I’d rather wait for a complete base. Not buyable now. Maybe it starts to drift lower and form a handle. Gets more interesting if that happens. my question about DE is being overlloked. Discussing now. Not acting right after breakout attempt last week. SBLK; David said the IBD 250 was the screen he found that in. Would that be the Marketsmith Growth 250? yes seems like PYPL and SQ are setting up live answered Yes, please have DR do an overview of wedging. live answered

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