IBD Live QA Summary, Key Stock Lists For Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Question Answer(s) Is IBD TV no longer being supported? The latest episodes on it is May 25th of this year. Hey Rick! Very strange, checking in with our production team about this. Check PLTR weekly live answered ZI any interest in this stock ? Hi Frank! Like to see that 57 RS Rating improve first… How about action on SNOW ? live answered Ticker of the day CCR There we go what do you guys think of crude oil violently coming back into the $65 range live answered. It’s definitely a correction in oil prices. Energy has now fallen over 10% from the recent high for the third time this year. All the OPEC meetings have had an impact. DT holding up well.. selling volume low. lot of Blue volume on daily and weekly looks OK… Right ? Overall, I agree Frank! A normal looking pullback-cum-test of the double-bottom base entry at 56.23. Certainly, red volume bars have been tame. Earnings coming up on July 28. Is docu buy now or wait in current market live answered Aly – where can I find the option video on NFLX? Hi! We have a section with a playlist containing our weekly option videos over at 🙂 “Good morning! I have 2 question for David: 1) Can you give us an update on GNRC? Are you still in or sold into strength? ) One area where I struggle the most is setting stop loss levels. Can you talk a bit on how you manage those? How do you set the initial stop loss and when do you start moving them up and to which level? How do you decide, what is your process? Thank you in advance!” live answered can you discuss how you find the stocks that are holding up amongst the many? The biggest signal is the relative strength line, which measures a stock’s price performance vs. the S&P 500. The team will discuss this throughout the show! ‘@dryan310, I have to say thanks for your words of wisdom regarding DEN, I closed my position as soon as you said you wouldn’t have touched the pullback. I got out with a slight gain. Good to hear! UPS looks interesting as well? Yes. If it clears the short-term highs from last month, I think that would be an early entry off that and the 50-day line. But, earnings are in a week. when the panelist say they are 20% invested – does that include their Mutual Funds and other assets or just individual stocks? live answered Between CRWD, ZS and FTNT, why Professor Ryan picked CRWD? Chris is highlighting CRWD today Can you please look at other cyber stocks eg FTNT when you discuss CRWD? live answered DJIA- did that look like a vertical violation? Hi Larry, Chris and I talked about it, we didn’t think so. MRNA keeps rising pls comment live answered I missed the first 5 min, are they bring up any stock for watch today ?? DOCU, GNRC, ROKU, PYPL, CRWD MRNA too extended? For a buy, yes — finished yesterday 25% above its 10-day moving average I’m thinking of trying DOCU as it passes through the pivot. What kind of volume should I be looking for. Lately some of the Break outs seem to be on weak volume. live answered Can you give link to the trendline video Harold did? Thank you. It should be on this page: email [email protected] if you need further assistance! GM. Is it too late to buy DOCU? live answered Good Morning IBD Live! Jumping in late, I had to watch the launch. Hey Shane! DOCU retakes traditional pivot live answered What’s happening with NVDA???? Down 75% !!! It’s not down 75% — the stock split is today! Brokers and chart platforms may take a little while to adjust the numbers 🙂 will you comment on NVDA? Definitely will get to that one! Will appreciate if team will tell how much are they invested (%)? We plan on touching on this today! 🙂 Please look at ZIM as a reopening trade and for the long term. live answered Is MRNA climactic here? Already taken 1/3 off, but wondering should I sell more into strength here or stay put? live answered DOCU anyone? live answered “I wasn’t quick enough so I apologise, however what’s David Ryan’s Twitter handle again? Thank you.” ‘@dryan310 DOCU breakout? live answered Can D.Ryan share how many percent of cash he is holding right now? We do plan on discussing this topic today! 🙂 With MRNA BNTX and DOCU getting high volume support, is the market telling us we’ll have more remote working stocks moving? What stocks you have on your radar for cloud computing and remote work, digitalization as top watchlist picks? live answered Is BTNX extended or within buy range? Interesting how it’s both; it pushed past a narrow trend line w/ a 222 buy point; but also forming a double bottom? MRNA pls comment asap live answered Can i get a link to watch list “The link to the IBD Live Ready List and Watch List can be found on the IBD Live landing page alongside that day’s archived episode. Click on the linked text at the top of the description that says “”Check out an edited version of today’s
IBD Live Q&A and two key stock lists.”” IBD Live landing page:” How do I get access ready list u have Hey Amit! We have detailed instructions at where do you find these lists? Hey Amit! We have detailed instructions at Ali – are ready list stocks ready to be bought? Ready means at OR NEAR a buy point — but always need to review the chart to make sure it’s actually in a proper buy zone before buying! How do you determine if MRNA is in a climactic run or a run within a big bill run for it in the near future? live answered Please please ask David Ryan how to best mentally handle missing a stock that takes off. You did your homework but didn’t pull trigger. Don’t chase — but also he uses what he calls a “mental health buy” if he missed something. It’s a buy that’s not a proper buy but a VERY small position, just so he can get a taste of it Thoughts on TMO? live answered Is AN buyable in here or is it now too extended? live answered i’m in DOCU, i can’t wait for states like NY and CA to authorize the use of DOCU’s online notary service…. live answered can one buy docu now? We’ve discussed earlier entry points, but it is technically still buyable here DOCU 3 month RS is 98% live answered DOCU has x173.15 Book Value. What does it mean? live answered DOCU if it clears the recent high will you be buying? live answered Can we look at AN and REGN… thanks live answered Good morning! Also can you discuss $NVDA new buy point perhaps? live answered I’m staying short SQQQ. Bought it on IBD Minervini Day last week on Wednesday. It seems as if attitudes have changed. Before whenever there was a downturn all the talking heads on TV were stating here comes the long overdue 10 percent correction.
Now don’t hear that with this downturn. People are just assuming buy the dip will rescue the market again. We shall see. live answered Ali- you are good at asking them: would you add to DOCU today? 🙂 Yay Dave just asked 🙂 AN rocking live answered What about Fidelity Contrafund is out of DOCU? Appreciate your interpretation of this Hmmm, let’s check this out. Maybe other top Fidelity funds still hold? Great Q, Francisco! Given the current volatility of the mkt, would D.Ryan suggest buying DOCU with a full position or less than normal? live answered will you be holding ASML through earnings? If our gain is not 10% heading in, Steven, I think we might at least trim the position. Our entry in LB unfortunately was not as timely as the Q4 2020 breakout. Can you please remind us of what the “Shakeout Plus 3” is? Thank you! We have explainers for all our chart patterns over at 🙂 Earnings report for Leaderboard stock ASML (LTL?) is tomorrow pre-M. Wasn’t noted in preM open comments. That’s an important earnings report for sure. First chip-equipment maker and arguably the best chip-gear stock. Trying to hold the 50-day line. Would please cover CRWD, since it’s currently at a pivot. grant it a 3rd stage base Yes, Chris said at beginning of show he plans to cover CRWD! Closing range not available on MS any longer? Yes, it is! I’m seeing it. Would try clearing your cache and restarting your browser. If you need further help, email [email protected] Could you explain how it would look to ‘fill-out’ a full position. I’m in DOCU on 7-6 and how would you create to a full position? or is there a Q&A that addressed long-term leaders Check out our podcast episode with Scott St. Clair that goes in depth on position sizing: Can we look at CRWD? Thanks, great having DR! live answered “DOCU – a mental health buy candidate. 😉 As David said the other day, there’s a lot of eyes on it right now.” live answered How do I access the IBD Live watch lists and ready lists? Instructions for finding can be found over at 🙂 PYPL, earnings in 8 days? What to do ? Tricky. If you bought at the early entry, you might be OK. Buying now wouldn’t offer much time before results. An earnings options play is one way to go. Game plan for CROX with earnings coming up? Not a lot of cushion from the recent breakout. I probably would take at least partial profits. If you owned it earlier, that’s a different story. Of course, depends on size of your position and your conviction in the company/stock. “Good morning crew!! How about a hypothetical on GNRC to help us noobs? Assuming all of you bought on the June 8th breakout, Add to? Trim? or hold the course after the run up since then and current market action. I think these kind of scenarios would really help.” Hi Lynn! We definitely plan on reviewing GNRC today Everyday my question is not acknowledged. Why? Hi! This is not intentional whatsoever. We have about 100 unanswered questions in the queue right now. What is your question? It’s tough as a newer trader to add to positions that are making nice upward moves with strong momentum. Example MRNA, being up 75% I have taken 2/3 off the table but was unable to have confidence to add. Fear of getting top heavy, the unknown,
etc. This particular name didn’t give a good place to add, it kind of just kept going. How could I have done better to add to this position during this huge move? Would this or could this be discussed in the poll? Thanks for your time,
guy’s. Using proper buy points and sizing positions properly are key. You never want to add to a position when a stock is extended. Could have used pullbacks/bounces off 21-day line as spots to add as well as the 21-day line as your trim/exit. But
nothing wrong with selling some into strength! In MRNA as well and have trimmed 20% of my position so far. But it’s getting quite far above the 10-day line which is making me nervous. Straight up can’t last forever… Sorry I just logged on, but PANW looks good here Just below a buy point. Looking good. Also you may want to look at HACK etf One thing investors should do – with BUG/HACK/IHAK – or any other sector play … is to look at the holdings in the ETF. Don’t forget CTRL-0 resets the zoom to default on the browser! good info! NVDA- can we initiate here? Very close to the 10 week and risk of stock split seems to be over for now live answered I wish I had enough money to “sell down” to a 50 share position in GNRC! Ha I know, right? 🙂 can someone comment on Oracle? it’s looking good. it reported earnings Acting well, but not sure what the buy point is. Nearly 8% above the 10-week line, which seems like a lot in this kind of market. Please look at FIGS – I’m looking for an entry or place to add. Doesn’t look as sweet as it once did — has essentially round-tripped a 40% gain and lost support at its 21-day line last week. Might take some time for a new setup! NVDA is around 184, down from a high of 824. please comment. The stock split happened today! On a percentage basis, shares are down about 1.8% right now any thoughts of action in ORCL ? From Ed to someone else in the answered section: Acting well, but not sure what the buy point is. Nearly 8% above the 10-week line, which seems like a lot in this kind of market. CYH, Harold mentioned this one on 7/15. Breaking out today… live answered Hi, can you please explain when to add 50% and additional 20% to a new long position that is in a strong uptrend. Thank you We have a lot of resources over at and you can also check out this podcast episode with Scott St. Clair on position sizing: Update on ACN.. very nice upward movement. Way too early, but could be working on 3wks tight, which would offer a place to dd a few shares. Target, TGT, seems to not be moved by market volatility. Could the team give us there perspective on this. My position is up 32%. What a steady move up! Congrats. Has held the 21-day line for a long time, so you could use a solid close below that level as a trim area, then a decisive break of the 10-week line to sell the rest. My top 3 by size DOCU NVDA GNRC plus several smaller “keep it on the radar” positions. Way to go, Douglas! What’s the best way in this environment to hedge the NASDAQ and S&P ? Chris likes hedging with Nasdaq futures. But whether it’s that or using SQQQ, early is best – i.e. when the indexes are extended vs. already coming down What is happening to Amazon? I don’t know! A lot of stocks will break out and then pull back to the buy point. We don’t know if it’ll find support here or not. At least pullback has been on lighter volume than the breakout. Earnings are late next week, so that’s an issue
for holding/buying AMZN where do i access the ready/watchlist Hi Phil, check out for detailed instructions for finding. And, on the landing page, you’ll see the summary of the show and links to the two stock lists — pls go to Can we look at TMO longterm leader breaking out? Thank you Only 8 days before earnings and almost 10% above the 10-week line – we prefer buying long-term leader type stocks on pullbacks to the 50-day/10-week CRCT aggressive buy? Would be aggressive indeed, in my view. It’s been a pretty wild IPO stock! But outstanding growth Hi Ali – Is there anyway to put some logical markers on the recorded video of IBD live. Planning to review at night and hoping dont have to go through the whole video. I realize the work and may not be possible I will speak with our production team about this, but not sure if we have that capability at this time! Thanks to IBD Live, I’ve gotten very comfortable with trimming and rebuying using chart signals. This has enabled my eliminating the fails and building into the movers (CRWD, GNRC, FTNT, etc.). This also allows for orderly retreats during
mkt downturns (not to mention less trader stress) and keeps the right mindset to quickly switch to offense when uptrend resumes. BTW, I’ve become a big fan of Harold’s “Triangular Trading”: up and down by thirds. Thanks to Harold! Thank you so much for sharing this, Blaine! Love it!! I don’t have the +/- control on my screen. What do I need to do to get it. I think it depends on what browser/operating system you’re using. I don’t see that on my Mac using Safari, for example. But command + and command – allow me to zoom in and out! ‘@Blaine Mischel: That’s great, man! Is there a webinar where Harold speaks of his “Triangular Trading”? I’m not sure! You can contact Harold by emailing [email protected] (since he’s not on Twitter) Ken, I would love to hear you do a space flight countdown / announcement. Ha! He would do a great job with that I agree 🙂 PANW hits pivot live answered “Good morning back room folks! Is there a reason that the website has decided that I have to sign in multiple times per day?” I don’t know why 🙁 best suggestion would be to contact our customer success team for assistance with this issue: It is good to have the vision of David Ryan weekly. Thank you Absolutely. Love listening to him. May I ask how to set alert with the line I drew on mkt smith? Can either draw a line or set alert on price but don’t know how to combine then😅 Draw the line by holding down the CTL key. Then hover over it and right click. Sometimes you won’t get the line alert box. Turn off the pattern rec and right click the trendline. Look at SWKS blue volume vs Red I’m waiting for a real breakout – but I hope it doesn’t happen before Apple/SWKS earnings. TNA taking off. Worth adding here? Small caps have been lagging pretty badly… not sure I would use a bounce off the 200-day for something like TNA. For leading stocks like ROKU, that strategy can be worth a shot. Good morning from beautiful Toronto. Thanks David R for the patient analytics of the charts. You are truly gifted in this area and we are the better for it. Totally agree, Sylvia! nice cup with handle on PANW live answered morning team, thanks for a great session. Considering starting position in SPT. Would you buy here or wait for market to improve? TYIA I really like yesterday’s reversal. It just didn’t have the volume. I’m waiting for some volume before making a move. can we add on MRNA? Going vertical. I would be selling some shares here. “Have you covered QFIN and Zim recently? Madeleine” QFIN needs a lot of work, IMO. ZIM trying to bottom and then needs to form right side of a base. I don’t think there would be an entry until – maybe – it retakes the 50-day line. In general, Is a flat base with 32% depth reliable? For example, please see UCTT (semi conductor). Flat base must be 15% or less. It’s a consolidation for UCTT. It *almost* is a double-bottom, but second leg down didn’t quite undercut left-hand side. UCTT is lagging other chip-gear makers lately. I cannot begin to tell you what a pain it is to sort through all of the “GM!”, “Great sunny morning!”, “song of the day”, etc. good, even great vibe “questions” every morning. I get the feel good effect you are looking for, but we have to
click on every. single. one. of. them! If not, every time you open the Q&A it goes back to the earliest unopened question. Please I beg you. One way around it is to utilize the “Chat” option in the Zoom Webinar product. Tell folks
to post non-market related comments there. Sorry to sound so negative, but I’m sure many of us have time management, multi-tasking concerns. Thanks so much if you’ve even bravely read this far. Thanks for a great product! What device/version of Zoom software are you using? I do not have to expand any answers in the answered section. Maybe show us how to use smart alerts? It appears to be broken for over a month…. Hi! Would email [email protected] for help with the smart alerts Suggestion: Have David Ryan’s 3 phases of a stock on one video link in the FAQ of IBD Live Yes, we will be clipping these out and adding them to the FAQ page in the near future! Stay tuned 🙂 “Hey guys – I’m having a miserable time with the Swing Trader alerts. Every time I get browser notice of an alert, and switch tabs to see it, Swing Trader locks me out, claiming that I am over-refreshing the page (even though I hadn’t refreshed the page), and by the time I am clear (after more than one such lock-out), a minute and a half has gone by. Cost me $4 on Carvana entry. Any fixes?” So sorry to hear this, James. Would reach out to our customer success team for help with troubleshooting and they can contact our engineering team if needed Good Morning, what please, was that purple alert that flashed by on the screen (…taking profits…). I am on ST and Leaderboard and did not see any alerts in that time frame (~ 0745 PST). Thanks. That was an internal message on Microsoft teams. Excellent David Ryan. Thank you for taking the time to teach this. live answered Great analysis David, thank you. Can MS staff point subscribers to an article on stages of a stellar growth stock? We will be posting these video “lessons” to the IBD Live FAQ page at in the near future! ‘@ David Ryan: That was great insight, thank you! live answered Just wanna say how helpful these lessons are for a beginner and thank you guys for your hard work and bringing Prof Ryan on the show. Great! 🙂 Ally, more like way to go IBD Live!! Thanks to Live, I’ve stepped up my game since joining. This means so much to us, Douglas. We feel very passionate about helping the IBD Live community! Please alert about adjusting alerts on NVDA with the new price in MarketSmith, they don’t get adjusted Did you try setting a new alert, and you’re having this issue? I totally appreciate David Ryan’s coverage of a growth stock’s life cycle. Thanks for the interesting IBD Live programming! live answered The volume is so huge but why not add on? Because it is crazy extended from its short-term moving averages! I have held my last 1/3 of MRNA and it has been great – thanks, Justin and Team! live answered The show is so much better when it’s not scripted… The show is never scripted! Very good show thanks to you all I am handling sell offs so much better Love hearing this, SE! Than you so much, guys! The questions just flood my mind because you inspire critical thinking and growth in our vications. I apologize for asking so many questions everyday, but I sincerely thank you for answering so many of us. NEVER apologize for asking questions! We love everyone’s questions! Ali, you are such a nice person answering that question in the chat. I’m on version 5.4.6 Maybe try downloading the latest version and see if that helps? May need to reach out to the Zoom support team for help with your issue with the Q&A functionality NVDA, on weekly its touching 10 week moving average. When is the good entry point? Thank you!! We do like buying stocks on pullbacks to the 50-day/10-week in certain circumstances. We raised our NVDA position on Leaderboard yesterday Can you just buy and hold long term leaders without worrying about buy points? Many times you can get away with that. But I prefer keeping risk reasonable and be able to sit through the next pullback without going negative on the trade. why does Dave Hatman always have the ‘Becoming a markletsmith ‘ screen popping up and obscuring the main screen? Hmm, this is interesting, thanks for pointing it out. Hatman – there is a better word — not “CROWD” but “Subscriberr”. RESPECT please!!!!! Thank you Gurudutt. Yes, if you have been listening over the long run of this show, you get the impression I have nothing but respect for the IBD Live crowd, attendees, audience, subscribers, fans — take your pick. Hatman Dave this is an excellent squawk call this morn – thank you david and david. Awesome to hear, thank you Graeme! THANK YOU ALL!!! You got it Teresa! HAGD all You too, Phil! Frat-Man! Have A Good Day everyone! Hat-Man Great session! NICE! Thanks all. You help me avoid overtrading the open. Super, thanks for sharing that Russell. Great session! Thank you Robin!

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