IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Monday, July 12, 2021

Question Answer(s) GM Team. Thanks so much for answering my FRIDAY question about WJO and Buy Stops above declining handles. Thank you -PaulG Nice Good morning. GM Taher Good Monday Morning! Hi Blaine! Should I add to SNOW here ? It’s a little extended here. But you can add as long it’s a small increase and doesn’t boost your average cost too much. Good Morning folks. Where can I locate the stock up and downgrades? Hi John, we don’t actually publish a daily list, but the Stock Market Today columns throughout the day mention many of the most important ones. When using the intraday chart to time buys or sells does anyone make use of bid/ask prices? Are these useful? If so, what do you look for? Only if the spread is abnormally large. Since we focus on more liquid names this is not usually a issue. How do I find archives from past IBD live? They used to be on the IBD Live page? Thanks 🙂 It took a while for them to load but I’m seeing them on the IBD Live page. Good Morning!! GM Stephanie!! “Good Morning! The question is which company name is Chris Gessel filling in for “Panama”??? ;-D” Give me three syllables and I can make it work. Ticker of the day VHLN Not EDDY, Mark? 🙂 Saw Halen 84 Jump tour . 🙂 What a memory that must be… great! Good morning from an overcast day in Chicago. INMD increased full year 2021 Revenue Guidance to $ 305 – $ 315 . . . will it hold its premarket gains? We are certainly watching this one, Peter. Great reversal on Thursday. Nice 50-day line support too! Holding above $100 would be bullish, don’t you think? Cheers, Hatman Dave I’m old Nah, we are just all young in spirit, Gerard! Lucky that you saw the concert, it was MTV that introduced me to Halen! Hatman Dave Good morning. 🙂 GM Jerry! Hatman, Justin – Webby refreshed my recollection about the chart game “Chart Arcade”. Can we PLEASE bring it back???? Thnx for asking Douglas; I’m not sure what happened to it. Let’s ask! (From Scott: It’s gone unfortunately. It ran on a MSFT platform called Silverlight which MSFT stopped supporting.) Scott what was your first symbol? ABBV Hi Chris, is FIGS doing ok or time to trim? I’d prefer to see it taking out Friday’s high. But really want to see stay above Thursday’s low. A close below would probably force me to trim my add. Too risky to invest in China equities such as QFIN BILI or BEKE? IMO, there’s better merchandise out there. Not interested in owning anything China at this point. Dave, last week’s drop on SNAP does that change your outlook on the stock or does the reversal Friday show strength in the stock? It’s a Leaderboard stock and we were certainly encouraged by Friday’s price action. We’ll talk about adding to position if it can break out over recent high of 70.24. ADDITIONAL ANSWER: Hi Rick, Dave here, thanks for asking; I was a bit surprised
by how much it fell for the week, but also felt it was a healthy shakeout, like a good handle should do. In my experience, a handle with a day or two of sharp declines in heavy volume is totally fine. So, I’m sitting tight on my shares
for now! INMD live answered Would you mind looking at Inmode? live answered issue with founder’s club advertisement messing up my logging in each morning. Please fix I am a member of the Founders club and this is frustrating. aloha,mike Hi Mike — having our engineering team look into this issue. So sorry for the trouble! thoughts on upst plz? Trying to retake 50-day line after bullish note from Goldman Sachs, but having a hard time holding gains. Needs to prove itself more. Scott, are you looking at new IPO – DNUT. Are you a doughnut fan? Yes, I stop at them all the time when I see them 🙂 DOCU? live answered I purchased GNRC has 25% profit now how do I find exit point. If it were me, I’d think about trimming position if breakout of 400 level, which is closed to where its 21-day EMA is…. “Just to add my voice to let you guys know I had real problems logging in today. Problems included messages like “”””Cant retrieve Shows from cloud – Please try again later”” and the blue circular wheel. Just to let you know, so you can maybe get your guys on it! :)” Thank you for the info! Passing this along for troubleshooting When will Leaderboard have another performance review by the team? Tomorrow, July 13 @ 1:30 p.m. PT. Link will be up tomorrow at Marketsmith not showing % increase in sales increases. Can I correct this? Thanks, it’s a known problem that they’re working on.. Yogi’s quote “Baseball is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical.” I got it about 25% right LOL ALB on Swingtrader making a move !! Working well. This could turn into a position trade. GM David, how about the TSLA action today? Is it poised for a move to higher ground? We increased the position today on Leaderboard. Could we address the action in $ZIM with the recent shakeout below the 50dma and it is now re-taking that moving average. Proving itself a strong stock, but after such a strong move, really needs to form a new base. Could be the start of one now. Can you please discuss FUBO? Making tight stops so the drop of about 3% now. Thanks Hi T! Super deep cup. That doesn’t mean, however, that the base won’t work. I like how the 10-week MA has turned higher, and FuboTV’s pullback is so far respecting the 10-week line. Well, I would not be a buyer here but would be watching.
Will a shallower base form within the deep consolidation? Cheers, Hatman Dave — ABNB? Longs were certainly hoping for some follow through after Friday’s move above the 50-day line. Not happening in the early going. OSTK? I think SwingTrader was hoping for some follow through today after Friday’s bullish move. Not happening though. Same with ROKU Would you please show the industry group analysis location referenced in FAQs I will add the spreadsheet after the show! what’s the orange “carrot”on the right side of the QQQ chart? I guess it was an alert I had set! TSLA is a good time to buy live answered Is leaderboard part of another service? Yes, it’s a different subscription! Same for SwingTrader More info here: Is ABBV in a double bottom? It’s actually an example of a base on base pattern. Latest flat base formed at 10-week moving average. Could use recent high of 116.99 as pivot, or all time high of 118.28. can we look at XEC, is it actionable now? live answered When the “Gone Fishing” sign is hanging on Chris’s Door BUY, BUY! It was nerve wracking because the wifi was very spotty. When is Chris’ next vacation? Short one near the end of August. I’ll give everyone a heads up. I have sold everything when going on vacation and lost a ton. Next time I kept everything while on vacation and lost a ton. 🙂 It seems to happen to everyone I know, very strange phenomena Do you sell everything when going on vacation? I don’t, but I am wary of position size etc…. ZIM back above the 50 day. Buy? It needs to take a breather and form a new base. Still below 10-week line on weekly chart. Chris – loved it last year when you were on the show direct from the fishing lodge. This year connect in while on the boat! Once I get mobile satellite service… Is the purple line the 10 day and the green line the 21 day? Yes. UPST received an upgrade today by the way live answered Can you look at PCOR? I have a small position and wondering if I should add based on current action. Such a volatile stock, but tight action on weekly chart. Pretty sharp pullback after moving above recent high of 98.95. Tough one to handle! “Can I ask Why one day a stock is on leader board watch list sector leader or IBD 50 the off the next day ?” Sure, Mike! The IBD 50 and Sector Leaders are computer-driven screens. Markets team members do not take any such stocks on or off. So, after the market close, you’ll see such changes within the top 10 and in Sector quite regularly! Alli, would you please share how you extracted this spreadsheet? so we can do the same analysis over the weekend She’s going to do that in just a moment. Thanks for suggesting. Are group ranking adjusted every week or every day? They can change each day Thoughts on INMD? Any thoughts on what is driving today’s gain? I’m up over 100% is it still a hold? Raised Q2 and full-year eps/sales guidance before the open. I agree with Scott, would love to have this, I can not do excel Yes we want to add these columns. But not too hard to do. Just put in an = and then click on the cells you want add or subtract. Do most of the team buy at market or limit orders ? On breakouts, Henry, I use market buy orders; I don’t want to penny pinch w/ limits, they may never get filled. But on pullbacks to the 50-day or 10-week lines, I really like to use buy limit orders! Cheers, Hatman Dave Scott – You can make an Excel and sort as Justin then copy/paste into a new custom list on MS. Little extra leg work but could be helpful. Yes, thanks. want MS to do ti for me 🙂 Will you share this excel sheet that Justin is sharing? Ali will post in on the IBD Live FAQ page at Where do we find this spreadsheet? This is Justin’s, he built this in Excel CELH — Thoughts? Trading pretty well. Gets more interesting if CELH can break out over its June 30 intraday high. When buying a stock on Bill’s “3 Punch” rule; 50% 30% 20%. At what % gain do you add the 30% and 20%? “The textbook is the first add (30%) is plus 2.5% from your first buy, and the second add (20%) is plus 5% fron your first buy. You want 100 shares ox XYZ, pivot is $100; 50 shares @ $100; 30 [email protected] $102.50; 20 shares @ $105, give or take of course due to market action” there are a lot of groups with positive increase both 3 month and last week comparisons. how are you differentiating which to focus on? Basically, by breadth of leadership in the group. Joined the show a little late any comment on SNOW after a great move on heavy volume on Friday. Hi Paul, we haven’t yet, but certainly, this one is on my serious watchlist! Friday’s move was very meaningful, IMHO, not just a four-month high, but a major step in building the right side of its very deep base. No doubt, for those with big conviction, 256.09 presented a very aggressive buy point. Cheers, Hatman Dave — DOCU has receded back below the buy pivot. Is this a good opportunity to buy here, or as it potentially pushes back up? Hi Lance, great Q; to me, 286.61 is the latest pivot point. Not a pleasant reversal for now, but it trades nominally above this entry and thus offers a 2nd chance to buy. I am keeping an eye out on other leaders within the same group; do they
all cool off together? Cheers, Hatman Dave Thanks Ken for all of your answers on the Q&A!! I appreciate it. Glad Ken is here in the office w/ me and helping out, Justin! Ed is out today. How can one Hedge a fully invested Portfolio right now? Check out our hedging resources at Scott-nice call on ROKU this morning live answered Hi, GS is up today. Weird divergence !!! Nice move indeed! It’s been knocked around the past few weeks, some significant pullbacks below the 50-day MA. Will a new base form? The marketsmith Week in review with Scott is missing for last Friday…missing link with the update over the weekend? I was out of the office on Friday. I am on vacation later this week so colleague will do for next few weeks Can you please do a quick explanation of the head and shoulders pattern please Check this out, Sicilia! Many columns explain it. Chris, are you holding on to your most recent FIGS purchase? live answered Is Chris still buying more FIGS? live answered Great show today. I like the chart that shows where the market is trending. A lot of good information. Nice, Sara! Thank you FIGS not doing good today, Chris are you adding more now? live answered Nice analysis Justin on Big Cap…. I concur And let’s analyze the big caps even more. Hey Chris do we add more FIGS at 21 day MA support? If it reverses with some power. Thanks for the Industry Report how-to, Ali. I appreciate the fact that you don’t assume we always know how to do things. 🙂 live answered can you look at FIGS? my add on last week just got shaken out. live answered How to do one week calculation? Put =E2-D2 in a cell and drag it all the way down. Is it possible to get this excel link in ibd digital? It will be at, which you can access. In the FAQ for today could you also post the formulas Justin uses to the add excel columns to see the 1-mo and 3-mo changes within the industry groups? Just open up the spreadsheet and click on a cell for each calc and you wil see the formula. FIGS — From a Fundamental perspective has a gross margin of 72%. To put into perspective, ZM’s is 69% — CRWD — 74% — CRM 74%. Their YOY Net Revenue increased to 138%, which is VERY STRONG. Now we just need a quality SET-UP, which may take
some time. If I get shaken out I will be buying on the next entry. Unusually strong company. Is PANW a actionable now? Good volume when the stock broke out last week on Tuesday. But lagging RS line is an issue. I’m in FTNT thanks to LTL Great to hear. Hi Chris are holding FIGS thru this So far. Getting support right now. Really want it to close above Thursday’s low. Wow FIGS made a nice rebound, I like that action. Maybe the IBD Live effect? FTNT – Most of these quality names, looks like good to buy when they bounce off of 200 day average. I know it is not what IBD teaches….. but looks like it works for Quality symbols Actually we encourage that for Long Term Leaders, of which FTNT is a member. Hey Chris – FIGS clawing back A lot of volume in the past 30 minutes. HatMan: One of Nixon’s slogans in 1968 was “He’s tanned, rested and ready”… Really? Interesting! Thanks for sharing — Hat ‘@Dave – Just FYI, Narayanan is pronounced as ‘Naa-raw-ye-nan’ . You know, if there is someone who is qualified to suggest that, it would be me. 🙂 Good pronunciation tip! I trust you! Very exciting to hear of planned Weber IPO. WEBR. Been using Weber for 40 years. Great product! Interesting! And timely for the summer? i am not able to locate the archived shows is there a problem with this That’s strange. We have been including up to a month’s worth of past shows at David or Alissa, How would you know if a stock is extended. Should you buy less than 2% from 21EMA and 5% from 50 SMA? Does that sound right? Thanks Hi there, we have shifted to a buy range of up to 10% from either the 50-day MA or the 10-week MA on the weekly chart. It was 5% before. As for the 21 EMA, great Q, that sounds a bit tight, but reasonable to me. Hatman Dave Anyone considering taking a nibble @ SPCE? Answered live Just an FYI, difficulty logging on this morning. Kept getting an error message. Not sure if that was widespread. Happy to be on now! Sorry for that! No regression lines on NDQC this morning? Since last month, we transferred the regression channel to the S&P given how it’s been leading in recent months. Regarding David’s report of diminishing rare earths needed for car battery technology, you might want to look at price action in the VanEck Vectors Rare Earths Strategic Metals ETF, ticker REMX. Thanks for that; will take a look. UPST Please Answered live David! What happens in Cabo STAYS in Cabo! Good to have you back, man…. Well, that’s true, I think! But yes, thanks for the kind words, I am happy to be back as well! Hatman/ALI – last week Brian Shannon highlighted ETSY and it just penetrated his alert price – Any Thoughts Despite a bit whippy action this a.m., I agree, it’s def worth eyeing closely. Hatman

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