IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Thursday, April 8, 2021

to the entire IBD International Team Live – a thriving Thursday morning !! (alive in Mpls) Good morning everyone! Death Cab for Cutie—I love this bass line. Ed will appreciate this, Michael! Masters Day….I’m casting from Holes 4,5,6 Will BrysonBall find the fairways more this time around? This sounds like early U2? New to me, Peter; but yes, had a little of that vibe IMHO. Happy Thursday! Dave to Hat Man – very good article in Investors Corner this morning about the 4 and 5 letter words that can really cause trouble for anyone trying to succeed at investing! Thanks much Scott! Glad you enjoyed one on H-O-P-E — This does not sound like BONO . . . Not at all I like IM, Thomas, or C. Smith to win……also Day but his health is questionable. Would like to see Cam to break through! The Aussies would go crazy! ERIC – Up/dn – 1.4, B accumulation, Sales + 19 % , earnings – + 75 % and in group # 14 These numbers in Ericsson have gotten better! PYPL – is it starting a nice right side base or wedging? Blaine, we like how PayPal looks poised to retake the 50-day, 10-week moving averages. Did you see the up/down has improved? 1.0 ratio, now, neutral. It remains a half-size posn in Leaderboard. Whoa! I Haven’t heard any Death Cab for Cutie since almost for ever! Who has the electic taste that chose this? That was Ed 🙂 others in top 10 and could contend Speith, DJ, Bubba,Fritelli, Neiman, Finau,Connors, and CT Pan I wonder if Fritelli’s great performance last year will repeat. And same for Conners of CAN. Any case, I’ve got Cam, Bryson, Jordan, CT Pan, Conners and wildcard Hideki Matsuyama on my DraftKings roster, Phil! Enjoy the Masters! Hat Good morning all! Hi Jorge! Thank you for joining us! Hat Man Dave Dearh Cab for Cutie You called it. Death Cab for Cutie “Good Mornign All, Can I submit a poll question? WHat is if any the relation between options activity and the equity price.” Morning, thanks for submitting Carlos! Dave, you watching the Masters Always. Ken and I have entered our rosters on DraftKings…. and now praying What are the Circles with the + and – signs below the chart in MarketSmith? Insider buying (+) and insider selling (-) SNAP did well yesterday Phil, I am spying a double bottom emerging. I own shares. Hat can you talk about volume today ? and how to look at it ? Yehuda, one point I tried to make on Tuesday’s show is to look at up days in heavy volume — for both indexes and stocks — but to ALSO spot gains in higher, accelerating volume. Even if volume is not heavy, it does not necessarily mean institutions are not accumulation. Also, this Investor’s Corner stories may be helpful? Cheers, Hat Man David — and and Hello could we look at old favorite SE? live answered “Why all of the surge in advertizement on IBD. When i try to listen to stock market today. Does if have to do witrh the change in ownership?” Don’t know about the ads you’re seeing, but the News Corp. deal hasn’t closed. Is it too late to start a position in TQQQ ? Yes. Too extended. Wait for a pullback or a few more days of tight action. is JOAN too extended? Too extended for me. It’s about 8% above the yesterday’s low. You could size your postion off of that area, but I would start small. Where do we find a current list of the flagged mutual funds that your team shows under the Weekly “IBD Mutual Fund Index Ownership” box for funds to watch? Hi Matthew! Type in 0MUTI (that’s a zero, not an O). Open the right panel and click on Funds in Index. Then click on show all component data and you can flag all of them I know its not the most exciting stock but chart looks good and could be breaking out today ERIC (nice 5G Play) live answered Painfully exited box at break even Falala, that is still a good trade! Not every CAN SLIM trade is going to hit that 20%-25% profit target or make a 200% long-term gain. Interestingly, I see that BOX three weeks ago hit as high as 26.47, up 19.3% from a 22.19 buy point in its nine-month consolidation base. Cheers, Hat Man Dave Goos morning: What is different between IBD 50 and IBD screen of the daY? The screen of the day focuses on a list of top ideas in the IBD Stock Screener. This can provide ideas beyond the IBD 50 can you please explain how to get this market chart on think or swim? COMP:GIDS — and to learn more about how to add the regression channel lines, check out 🙂 TWTR – please take a look at the Monthy chart during your analysis live answered “What are your thoughts on Leader Board stock HZNP?” Looking normal and seems to be setting up for another move. I’ve got a downtrend line drawn on the recent peaks. I’ll add some shares if it breaks above that resistance. Why is economy stocks sold off yesterday like Lyft, BA ABNB CLF ? Seems like market rotating every few days when progress is made and gave them back? Market remains challenging. Seems like all the reopening plays are down today with news of a recent spike in covid cases. Could you discuss how quickly to take profits in this market Tyler, our normal rule of aiming for gains of 20%-25% still stands. However, when the market gets choppy, or you perceive that your positions are acting more whippy, then a good strategy may be to take gains at 10%-15%, and cut losses at 3%-5%. This maintains your 3-to-1 win-loss strategy, a winning one. Cheers, Hat Man Dave — Why do we cover teh QQQ so much? I doubt even 5% of us hold it or do options and isnt the NYSE and NASDAQ better to show us? I dont get it it? A number of us on the team have held/hold it or TQQQ. But the point that Justin was making is that the strength in large cap tech is notable vs. the Nasdaq as a whole SE ready to breakout? live answered Apple seems to be coming up alive again, finally. Can you discuss? live answered SQ hits 252.50 pivot live answered FB, GOOGL, MSFT NHs live answered SQ testing $252.50 on heavy volume. live answered Any thoughts on MOS? 2nd test of the 50-day MA in three weeks. Is the stock’s character changing? TER is coming close to a Buy point? Hi Brian, TER is certainly forming a cup. We don’t know if it will finish the cup. A double bottom could also emerge. We just don’t know. But I like how the Accumulation/Distribution Rating, for now is positive at C+. Up/down volume ratio of 0.9 could use improvement. Pls read this IC (Investor’s Corner) to really understand what a good cup with handle looks like. Cheers, Hat Man Dave — COST thoughts? Coming back after quite a long consolidation. Jeffery, I wonder if a saucer pattern may emerge. Dave — MU keeps getting good press Thoughts? live answered Harold — COHU has a growth rate of -15% — reason for concern? Yes, that is a conceren. I like that there is a turn around in sales TSM – Is anyone afraid of china taking over Taiwan? No political news seems to move or hinder this stock. James, this is always on my mind, especially now what have witnessed in Hong Kong. Dave Is the TSM a late stage base? live answered TECH, Could you take a look and share your thoughts. A way to gain exposure to Biotech without havnig to buy the highly volatile biotech stocks that can jump or crash on an FDA annoucement. Just in a base and I think the longer term, weekly and monthly charts look compelling. Seems like a good strategy. I compared TECH to XBI since 2019. XBI is up 85% while tech has jumped 179%. TECH has been rallying while XBI declining the past couple months. TSM- The Dragon is growling live answered This is for Harold. I agree with the early entry you mentioned. Would the purchase price be 50.70 or 10 cents above that at 50.80 Yes, I like that early entry IF TSM BREAKS THRU RESISTANCE, CAN U SWING TRADE IT? Hi Donald, based on my conversations with Chris & Justin, I think we would like to see the stock to first show support above the 50-day moving average or trade for a while above the 50-day, then make a test of the 10-day MA and 21-day EMA for a potential swing trade to emerge. Cheers, Dave to Ed & team – ASO gapping down today – 2 down days before today, after a couple big up days – your thoughts?? live answered GROW -big winner lately Thoughts? Yes indeed, as a microcap, it’s certainly prone to big 3- to 5-day moves — both up and down. Extended. One to look at VCEL Steve, this one has quietly evolved into a true biotech leader. Good eye. Let’s see how it handles emerging resistance near 60. PTC hit pivot live answered For poll: Vacation strategies. Justin said he went to 0 so he could enjoy his. Is it possible to check 100% out? Difficult but possible. I will admit I did peek a little but refrained from any activity. twtr live answered NVDA has been out of IBD favor for a while. Does the weekly chart look more promising for a small position? Definitely promising to see it back above its 10-week line. It’s about 5% above that level now. You could potentially start nibbling here, using a decisive close below the 10-week as your stop. But keep in mind the relative strength line has been poor for quite a while at this point thoughts on vcel? Hi Kelly, to me, the pullback from 60 to around 50 is perhaps too deep to be a shelf. I’d like to wait and watch here. The recent test of the 50-day MA near 40 was, in grand hindsight, a beautiful follow-on entry point. Cheers, Dave — and SQ vs PYPL? Which? We went into detail on this in yesterday’s show with Jon Najarian — both have great qualities “Good Morning! With the growing area of NFTs, and for the individual investor wanting to participate in the NFT space, MUDS is a great vehicle and spac backed up by former Chairman of Disney, MIchael Eisner. It is one of the letigimate spacs that should do very well and it is going to be a big player in the NFT space, because of their portolio of assets. Please consider covering this spac in your lightening round or discussions. Thank you” Interesting, Payam! Thanks for sharing. Comments on IBD50 mbr CLF, filling gap below buy zone. live answered Can I buy PYPL as a long term leader here? We do like buying long-term leaders when they’re close to their 10-week lines Energy getting hit hard. Any reason why you know of? Crude oil has gotten hammered the last few days. On March 11, WTI traded at $66/brl. Now at $59. I bought SE yesterday….nice work Awesome! Energy stocks, XOM,CVX and etf XLE are down ~2%. A brief discussion review would be helpful. Thanks Certainly reacting to oil prices. WTI down 10.7% over the past month, a new intermediate correction. You should be covering FRHC. Have not heard it mentioned on your show yet. Freedom! Freedom! Indeed Robert! Hat Man here. I am starting to accumulate shares. Did you see the January news, this little brokerage is buying a NYSE floor trader? I like this development. Will we soon broadcast IBD Live to traders and investors in Kazakhstan? Who knows! 🙂 For now, FRHC has shown nice rebound above the 50-day MA, RS 94, 99 Composite, B+ Acc/Dis. The cup base seems to be forming nicely for now. ABNB? 50-day/10-week proving to be a resistance level for now Hat Man- Cant believe you didn’t go with Crenshaw, Lyle, Langer, and Freddy?? Hahahahahahaha!!! Sid, you are right, I should have petitioned DraftKings and say I deserve more than 6 draft kicks so I can get Crenshaw (one of my idols in putting), Lyle (who cannot love this veteran champ), Langer (I wish he was my uncle, and he did well in Masters 2020!) and Freddy (Chris, Ken and I used to play at the Lost Canyons golf course in Simi Valley, CA, which Couples loved and served as a pitchman). OK. Enjoy the Masters! Hat Man Dave CMG? Acting better and better, Kam. I own shares in accounts Can you comment on CLF live answered Any thought on the transportation ship G4411 group after the situation in the Suez Canal has been resolved? Good Q, Ryan. G4411 on MarketSmith technically is still showing higher highs, higher lows since November; nice support and test of the 50-day MA on March 25. In Iceland looking for eruptions in markets as well Those were some beautiful drone shots you took. Amazing! Lumber prices have doubled and supply is tight. Thoughts on WFG “I wrote a story on WFG and the unprecedented lumber prices earlier this week. Check it out here for more: Hope it helps.” Would love to know more about your view on Disney, currently testing 10wk mvg The story is definitely there for Disney, with the economy reopening as well as the strong content for its streaming service. For a new position, would be great to see it rebound from the 10-week and get above its 4/5 high. If you own it, hopefully it can hold the 10-week! It’s been getting support at that level thus far My alerts on LB aren’t getting to me. Are you having other technical issues there? Hi! Would reach out to our customer service team about this: Awesome Dave Phil did you enter the local amateur event? How is it going? yeah I like Hideki Quiet warrior. Winner. Just had a feeling he’ll pull through some day and become Japan’s first winner of a major. Collin Morikawa, first Nikkei America-jin to do it. All economy plays are lower while tech is showing strength again. It’s been hard to make gains with some economy plays (frustrating) live answered GRWG? Holding strong rsi 99 volume today coming in. What do you think? Hi Fernando! Thank you for joining us. I love your surname, San Emeterio. Cool. I continue to own shares. Watching very closely. A wild stock, but a cup base is still forming. You might also see a consolidation emerge. More here. Cheers, Hat Man David Saito-Chung — and NVDA – Acting well (again). live answered If I bought a small amount of JOAN yesterday, can I add today? live answered Great article on FB that I read on IBD. the writer did a nice job. Cool. We have some excellent tech writers. TXG today live answered Ericsson was part of the REDDIT moves live answered Thank you Thank you for a professional program today – you are very much appreciated We appreciate enthusiastic subscribers such as yourself, Elaine. Thank you! Hat Man Alissa-didn’t get to watch yesterday. Appreciate the discussion today though Agreed, great for us to stay on top of those two at this time! Good to hear 🙂 to Team – a good lesson that now all good bases and proper buy points work: UI — very good cup with base and you buy at correct buy point. You still need to protect yourself with a stop or alert at the 7-8% loss from your buy price. Indeed AAPL has been running – 6th consecutive up day and broke thru it’s 50 – could we take a look at it? Nice retake of the 50-day MA, Wayne. Positive. Base is developing. Keep watching the RS line. Rising. Good. Hat JOAN is really a PE of 2?? Hi DrDave, yes, can you believe it? Looking at trailing 12-month earnings per share ($1.38, 1.38, 1.38 and 0.91), it does seem to add up. But, let’s see how the quarterly numbers change. MarketSmith shows same exact earnings and sales in the quarters ended April, July and October. That’s because we only have financials showing a 9-month period, rather than a quarterly basis. Cheers! HatMan Dave Joan thin stock? live answered Ken, I think the ERIC spike was wallstreetbet-ers. live answered to Ed & Team – thank you! We picked up some JOAN yesterday; we set a price at $13 and it did finally come down to our buy price near the end of the day – yeah!! live answered Joann has been one of my wife’s favorite stores for years. What a survivor of a company any comments of SQ having net distribution in its base??? live answered SMPL stock is looking good. Hi Pat, nice to see SMPL recover. We were disappointed by the short-term duration of its breakout. In retrospect, I feel like I should not have supported this one for Leaderboard. One reason: the eps growth in the May, Aug and Nov ended quarters was actually smaller than the revenue growth. Why was that? I did not have time to investigate. But I should have. And latest qtr ended in Feb. showed much slower growth. So perhaps there may be some better stocks for 2021? Thanks for noting this one. Hat Man Comments on RBLX please – it appears to be going sideways – a good thing? live answered What is the Timeliness rating and how is it determined? It’s one of our “legacy” ratings that we don’t use a whole lot — we use the composite rating much more. But here’s the definition! X, MOS and IPI? live answered IPI is not doing well live answered Same with MOS?? live answered X looks similar to CLF! live answered Good morning! GRWG is looking strong today. Agree, Paul! Hat Man F…..? live answered Would you mind to review UPST? RS 98 , is it still forming cup handle? Thanks! I think UPST is going into normal base-building mode. Love it when Ken is on the show… His depth of knowledge is fantastic Totally agree! When can you get Charles to come back on? He’ll be on next Wednesday! 4/14 🙂 Thank you, Alissa. Happy to help! NVDA breaks mini resistance level live answered What do you think of ADBE? live answered Coinbase is going public next week. Can you review how you play IPOs so we don’t get carried away exuberance. We don’t buy on the first day of trade — we wait for an IPO base to form first. Sometimes you can find earlier entries within the IPO base before it hits new highs. I’m sure we’ll cover Coinbase as it debuts! ticker F live answered I’m a bit confused. You just said you like to buy gap ups. Why not ASO though We like buying earnings gaps, and this one wasn’t earnings related. The stock should be gapping out of a base on the report (WSM a fantastic example), rather than already extended beforehand. ASO was already 18% above its 50-day line the day before it gapped up ASO shorts were right! 14% of float live answered thanks for covering ASO… so is it a sell now? It’s still above its 10-day MA, but not looking great for the week right now. This is one where you could’ve taken 1/3 of your profits when it hit the 20% profit zone to lock in some gains. It depends on where you bought it — never want a double-digit gain to turn into a loss. But maybe it can find support around its 10-day? We’ll have to see! Without signing up for Founders Club, do you offer one-on-one coaching by the hour? My portfolio is somewhat scattered and would love to get some thoughts on my holdings. Thanks! We are not licensed brokers so we can not offer advice on how manage your portfolio. This is true for Founder’s Club members and all other subscriptions Please address Tartget TGT today Doing great. Generally a slower mover, but up from its double-bottom breakout at 196.35. — What’s happening to Regal Beloit RBC ? live answered GM stated they are cutting production due to chip shortage live answered GM hit a top trend line and came back. live answered F and GM maybe pulling back due to more chip shortage news?? live answered GM closing plants due to chip shortage. Will impact bottom line. live answered ADBE live answered Ed, GM announced at 924 am today that it is cutting production at several North Amer plants due to chip shortage. Important news for sure. Thank you..Chris, I’m a long time IBD live watcher from Lamy, NM. You guys do a great job….very enjoyable Awesome to hear F is at the 21D moving average. How much significance do you give that in regards to holding versus liquidating it? We typically like using the 10-week MA as our final line in the sand vs. the 21-day GM Announced shut downs today (1.5-2 billion impact) live answered You might mention that you can watch the podcasts and a lot of other IBD video content with the IBDTV app on Roku devices. Nice to see everyone’s smiling faces on the big screen. That’s a great point! regarding steel and F and GM, analysists digging into infrastructure package realizing fewer funds than expected in the bill are actually going toward infrastructure. Interesting point, thanks Markus With the coinbase IPO being valued so high, And should we expect stock that have purchased Bitcoin to go up? like Microstrategy, Visa, Paypal and Sq? Isabelle, I wonder how bitcoin related investments will act after this momentous IPO! Dave With all do respect to all the other great members, but first we lose Webby now we lose Irusha. Are you guys trying to lose customers? Please pass my concerns UP the line. Tnxs. We’re not losing Irusha completely — he’s still a weekly recurring panelist on this show! Hello team, what is the strategy for RBC, it is a leaderboard stock and is getting close to 50 days MA. Will you wait to find support or will you sell some shares? Down 4% right now from the buy but getting support at the 10-week. We’ll see how it looks Friday afternoon. Harold – are you being patient with ESI or have you eliminated the position at this point ? Watching as it finds support @ 21 ema NASDAQ COMPOSITE ETF ??? QQQ Represents NASDAQ 100. Is there an ETF for COMPOSITE ? I think various auditors could be interested in knowing ? Thanks everyone ! You Rock ! There is ONEQ by Fidelity. It doesn’t have the same kind of volume as QQQ but still OK. ADSK Base looks good. However, sales and earnings have been slowing down. RS and industry group strength are low. Also, this stock rarely delivers sustained gains, even when the fundamentals are looking much better. Not on my watchlist right now. can we check ADSK – coming closer to Double Tottom? live answered LUV your commentary on Long Term Leaders – very helpful ! live answered Yeti still looks good As a swing trade it hasn’t any stops and is still above the 10-day and 21-day. But like so many stocks looked great earlier in the week that are now stalling or falling. Daily I go to the General Market Indicator Chart Page to get the closing information on the daily activity. There is an ACC/DIS grade on the left hand side of each chart. I have been trying to find a note in HTMMIS and other sources but no luck. Do you know of a reference that I could read to gain an understanding of what the ACC/DIS means for the Indicies. Is it an overall indication of the index’s current state of buying or selling???? Hi Donald! Here’s the definition for you:–op-acc-slh-distm-cp–rating How to avoid wash sales would have been a good one. I was stupid in 2020 and lost a lot of money in the early part. Then, I got right in the market and had gigantic gains. Unfortunately, wash sales made me look richer than I truly was. Losses counted for me, not for IRS. We will bring it up again! We’ve talked about it in the past and it’s been a while, but I think it would be great to have a clip for our FAQ page. It’s worth discussing, though the team doesn’t worry a lot about wash sales. If it’s a top stock, we’d rather get back in after getting shaken out than let a leader make a big move without us! Do you have any advice for IRA trading? Trade as you would on any other account. You never have to worry about taxes and wash sales. Goog morning , I puchased DIS three day ago , would you hold ? Hasn’t done anything wrong but just hanging out. The pop in covid cases is probably holding it back. HZNP still outperformed many pharmaceutical stocks live answered Hey, thoughts on TXG? live answered INMD once your here Been acting very well but it’s 14% above the 10-week, so too extended. RBC on Leaderboard? Last three weeks it has closed in the red. Can you provide some comments? live answered TXG it got creamed but I sold and bought back at close Especially with these volatile names, I use the 10-week as my line in sand. It has really reduced shakeouts for me. “All cruise lines are down quite a bit today. I can not find any news. Can you please review? Thanks” Seems like we’re seeing a shift from the economic recovery stocks back into tech at the moment NOW – If you have a good cushion (+20% gain), can you add here or do you need to see more? I don’t like to buy below a declining 50-day. If you are trying to hold as a long-term leader just make sure that you don’t build too big of a position. We keep them at 5% postions on Leaderboard. Chris, thank you for the detailed reply with regards to TECH. I really appreciate it. Cheers and thanks! How do you determine laggards in one’s portfolio? Check out this article on how to grade stocks: fertilizers dropping back as well. live answered Help me out – what is the difference between a “line in the sand” and the 7-8 percent sell rule? We like using the 10-week line as our primary sell signal in many cases. You can buy a stock within 10% of its 10-week, size it off of that level, and use that line as your stop. In that case, it might be more than 7-8%. I actually just created an educational video on this concept, explaining in detail: Company buyouts like IBD’s can be tough and I appreciate how your team has handled the transition. Love your communication explaining what’s happening, hearing from Irusha as a guest and Mike Webster checking in. Thank you all. Thanks so much for this, Markus!! We appreciate your support. VUZI – The stock is breaking out. It is working on its 4th straight days of up. It is also hitting highs in RS. Thoughts? Making a new high but not breaking out. Too short of a consolidation and 48% above the 10 week. So very extended, which is great if you bought on the last pullback but not buyable right now. If TSLA can break through $700 in high volume……its a rocket to $900 A number of resistance areas just above 700, but we’ll see. Here goes ABNB sneaking up I’ve got an alert on the recent highs near the 50-day. Not doing anything right now. to Team – CARR holding in buy zone – currently just above $42, with daily & weekly consolidation buy zone of 42.04 to 44.14 Looks like a new setup. I’d love to see it break above the recent highs. Is the VIX a concern at this low level? It can go a lot lower during uptrends. But you’re right it’s making new 52-week lows. I would be more worried if the indexes were extended from their 50-day moving averages. Ali poll question: Importance of closing range when evaluating a stock decline or breakout. Noted — thank you! On 3 week tight patterns, how ‘tight’ is tight? what is the % from peak to trough we look for? This article explains all the details of the three-weeks-tight: David Ryan recently stated he was shorting MSFT; things change! That’s the beauty of the IBD strategy — the ability to be flexible when things change! Thank you Justin. You are a master and genius. We admire your intelligence and wisdom. live answered Great point by Justin. Druckenmiller says one of my greatest assets is my ability to change my mind quickly. live answered Thanks Chris for answering my question on VUZI. Yeah, my purchases have been between June 2020 – Jan 2021. I hoping to buy more. I’ll be patient. 🙂 Good for you! What’s your take on NVDA today live answered If you want to play FAANG+ and dont want to wait for right side to complete, why not buy TQQQ. ? That’s what I’m doing. FYI like Harold i have a huge screen lag to what Ed is talking about. Thought it was me but maybe not. I forget about that lag for other folks. How to determine leadership in one’s portfolio? Just sort your stocks by percentage gains. Are there guidelines for portfolio allocation? We typically like 8-10 full positions in a market uptrend for active, CAN SLIM traders in a market. Some on the team may do more. It’s a fairly concentrated style, and we want to make sure we’re not getting overly exposed to one industry group/sector You guys and gals all rock ! This show is fun and educational thanks to you all. Thanks for your support!

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