IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Thursday, July 15, 2021

Question Answer(s) Ticker of the day OB. Had to shazam this one. Thought it was Duran Duran. Sounds a lot like Rio. Nice deep Alt cut Oingo Boingo today! And nice commentary by Ed on the song pick. more selling today? Good guess. Oingo Boingo? Bingo! Good morning Team! Thanks for a great belly laugh first thing this morning!! Way to go Ed… Indeed Could you comment on IIPR chart? Nice action since it crossed back above the 50-day MA in late May. RS line slowly making upward progress. 86 RS Rating is respectable here. Still working on the base’s right side. INMD pullback yesterday and down in pre-market look normal after recent jump on pre announcement? Let’s see if it can hold the gap-up low of 100 – round number where we would expect to see support Is Mike Webster contributing to IBD At this time, he is not! For AAPL, could $145.19 be considered an alternate pivot from a longer cup pattern or is the recent cup a more correct point? Yes, recent cup is correct. At these levels, AAPL is over 13% above its 50-day line, which we consider to be pretty extended. Plus, earnings in 12 days “Good morning IBD Live! Would you please define “”Breadth?””” Hi Ron! We generally like to quantify it by looking at the advance-decline line of the NYSE and Nasdaq, which shows the net change in stocks up vs. stocks down. The General Market Indicators page on “Market Trend” helps you watch breadth in
this lens. Mark Minervini pointed out a sharp drop in the number of stocks trading above their 50-day moving averages. This is another good way to define the breadth of the indexes’ advance. Also, Wednesday’s Big Picture examines this
issue. Hope this helps! Hatman Dave — and how do you pick up the stocks to discuss Combination of what we’ve been covering on’s been appearing on our screens lately (strong technical action and solid fundamentals), stocks that trigger alerts we’ve set, stocks moving on headlines, stocks we’re seeing in
the Q&A, etc. I have a question about the ‘8 week rule’. I bought FIGS at buy point $36.19 on June 17. It was down 11% yesterday. Should I keep holding til the end of 8 weeks, or is there an exception on that? Protecting a gain and not letting it turn into a loss trumps the 8-week hold rule I show most of growth stocks down crwd docu upkr no reason Hi Amit, these stocks have had hot short-term runs for sure in recent weeks; a pullback at this point feels totally normal. In many cases, if the stock goes “straight up from the bottom,” a breakout can sputter. So, if we see a mild decline
that forms the shape of a handle, and volume drys up, that could improve the prospects of a true breakout to new highs. XEC – thought this was looking good until yesterday. Had to bail out. Trying to analyze for faults I may have missed. Any clues? Price of crude seemed to be the biggest driver of XEC’s action over the past week and a half. How would you draw a line to see the best entry for POOL We had a declining tops trend line drawn from these highs: 449.44, 444.43 — crossed above on 6/18. Wouldn’t want to buy here with earnings a week away. Plus, we prefer to buy long-term leaders as close to their 10-week lines as possible How to you find the advance decline line in MS? Open up the bottom panel. Click on Markets/197 industry groups on the left side. Click on Market Indices. Scroll down to the bottom — symbol is GMIAB, Daily Market Average Nasdaq/AMEX Thank you, Chris. Great timing by Justin, too, to highlight the advance-decline lines on MarketSmith, via the ticker GMIAB GM IBD Live! Hot and sultry summer morning in TX coastal plains. It’d be fun to see Mike Webster as a future guest or on a podcast! We think that’d be fun too. You never know! 🙂 What happened to UPWK? live answered Good question is do you stop out your stock position when your down 7% to 8% or do you wait until the end of the trading day to see where the stock ends up? We like setting alerts at our stop areas and look at intraday charts to help us assess the situation before pulling the trigger. But when a stock is down that much from your purchase price, either there’s something wrong with the stock or
your entry was off. Either way, it’s always better to limit your losses and buy the stock back if it sets up again. Also remember that 7-8% is the max loss, not the average. We are often scaling out/trimming our positions ahead of that
loss level. GM! FIGS was down sharply yesterday but it was listed on the Ready list. Why? It was looking OK when the Ready list was put together. It will be removed today. Please repeat tickers “MTCH UPWK (discussing its plunge Wed.)” Chris, still holding FIGS Sold the shares that I added last week. Still holding my original position. Harold – hope you week is going well. What are your current thoughts on VSTO – are you still long or adding. Thanks sold VSTO on 7/2, it sold off on heavy volume, slicing below 10dma & 21ema I did freeze on UPWK, do you see a reversal in its future today? Heavy volume on yesterday’s downside reversal, plunged below the 21-day and closed at the lows of the day. Continuing lower today. Earnings in two weeks. We never want to hold and hope and always follow our sell rules! Looking at AAPL on weekly Market Smith chart — at it’s current price (yest. high) — the stock is now trading at 12.3% above its 10 week moving avg. — that is the highest levels shares have traded in at least 6 years. In the week ending
9/4/20 (right after 4/1 split), shares peaked at 12.2% above 10wk mvg. avg before the stock had a pretty significant pullback over ensuing 3 weeks — buyer’s/owners AAPL beware imho Thanks for sharing, Randall! I understood Ken to say yesterday was a distribution day on the S&P? In Marketsmith shows S&P though only slightly was up. They use IBD charts for The Big Picture analysis — It appears you are not using the regression channels? I’ll see if the team can comment on this in tomorrow morning’s show. We have not created a new regression channel for the Nasdaq yet can you comment on whether FIGS is providing an entry, it got slammed yesterday Not providing an entry here. We wanted to see it hold support at the 21-day and it’s lost support there. About to round-trip a 40% gain from the IPO base breakout which is not good Many of my stocks were saying “SELL” yesterday. First time I’ve listened. Preserved cash. Thank you IBD! So great to hear, Amanda!! Way to go Justin said if you own individual stocks you must pay attention to sell signals so you don’t loose your hard earned profits – what are those sell signals? How can one look at a chart and really determine what a sell signal is? We have details on all our strategies over at Justin is explaining now, these rules are outlined in “How To Make Money In Stocks” by IBD Founder Bill O’Neil. There are intricacies, but a few key ones would be: don’t
let your losses get out of hand — sell at a maximum loss of 7-8%, don’t let a double-digit gain turn into a loss, take profits into strength, etc. What is the best futures hedge to use for the Swing trader Portfollio? We have a demo from Chris at explaining how he uses futures to hedge Where in IBD can I find number of new highs vs lows? You can find them Marketsmith under NASDQ, the daily market indicators. On go to: can we enable closed caption on zoom? I dont see options. it will help when we are attending another call or while working on something else sometimes Passing this along to our production team Harold, Why would IBD and MS have different take on Big Picture analysis. Shouldn’t the underlying data be the same, regardless of which chart they use? The data feed is different, the IBD writers use IBD charts Hi Chris where can I find ready list? Thanks Detailed instructions for finding can be found at 🙂 MTCH – Why isn’t that being recognized as a handle? I don’t know! But it’s clearly a handle. How close to the earnings announcement is it safe to buy a stock? 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month before, or more? It depends on the personality of the stock and your conviction as a trader — usually we try to not buy when there’s less than a week before the report. Of course there can be exceptions, if there’s an explosive move and can get enough profit cushion before earnings. We like having a profit cushion of 5-10% into earnings as a general rule of thumb, but you can also look at the options market to determine the expected move and see how the maximum expected move to the downside
would impact your position Decision Making — To quote Bill: “There’s the quick and there’s the dead.” Set your stops and be decisive with your decisions. live answered How/what do you do for fundamental research on a stock? is a great fundamental research tool. Our various features like New America, Industry Snapshot, etc. are great for fundamental research. And our “Investing Strategies” video series 🙂 the breadth was horrible despite the indices rise. is there a way to view these thru marketsmith easily. breadth vs indices etc The advance/decline line — GMIAB in MarketSmith Hi. Isw NVDA going to continue, or it is better to exit at this high and try to get back on another base? Thanks# Depends on your conviction — if you’re on the conservative side/want to lock in some profits, could see if it closes below the 21-day line to do so. Holding support at the 21-day at this moment. But we view NVDA as a market leader and we wouldn’t
want to fully exit the trade if we have a big profit cushion on this one. Can you define what you consider a definitive break – is it a certain percentage below a specific MA, or some other criteria? In terms of our 10-week sell rule, 2% below the 10-week by the end of the week would be considered a decisive break. But UPWK had a decisive break of its 21-day line yesterday. There’s a visual element to it as well GM all! Thoughts on ALB in light of the market backdrop. Thanks live answered How do I make MS screen larger ? Command + on Mac, and I think control + on PC — can reach out to [email protected] for more help if needed! Justin I had a 25 percent cushion in FIGS a few days ago. Now it doesn’t look so cushy. Nothing wrong with locking some gains into strength when the ducks are quacking! Especially those wild IPO stocks TSCO is breaking out live answered Ed really wants to cover TSLA…… Maybe I’ll get to it. Not making a move that changes the chart. Justin, I just booked my flights to Boston for the live event, looking forward to my first in person IBD event! Awesome! I’ll see you there. Make sure you come up and say hi. Market Smith price $ change and price % change are still at zero. In the watch list. Why do they not change? There’s a little bit of a lag for those numbers in the list section. Product coaches would have more info for you — [email protected] and ALB? live answered Traactor Supply – TSCO live answered Why would you even recommend upwork. It makes no money. Very sketchy growth. Wow Lord Abbett, Alger Small Cap Growth and T. Rowe Price New Horizons are just a few of the high-quality mutual funds with assets in UPWK. Not consistently profitable just yet but not losing tons of money. Strong and accelerating top-line growth for multiple quarters. Group ranked No. 22 out of 197. Those are just a few of the reasons why we were looking at it! But terrible breakout failure On phone no charts Try swiping on your screen for a different view Ed, would you say this market could be a “Dead Man’s Party”? Apologies if this terrible joke has already been said. Heh. Who could ask for more? Ed – Even ASO and RVLV pulling back – looks like retail has been under pressure lately Agreed. Seems to be out of favor – but then most stocks have been out of favor lately. upst? Does not look great. A failed swing trade from not too long ago. Wouldn’t be holding or buying here TAN moving maybe on interest rates? I think solar stocks, after holding up well, came under pressure with highly valued growth stocks. Can retail investors break out a stock? There’s a good chance that’s what happened with UPWK… Id lulu close to a pivot? Looking pretty strong. In a buy zone right now after clearing a cup-with-handle entry Harold, Is DOCU in a buy zone or would you wait for some more support? The breakout failed, that bothers me but it found support @ 21ema, got an eye on it Just left a day trading live zoom call, little to fast moving for me. Had to come over and check in with you guys to calm my adrenaline back down and get back level Welcome back, Alan! 🙂 Reviewing these questions, and IBD’s Answers, while listening to the commentary and chart analytical analysis….I’d like to say, you professionals all do a stellar job! Outstanding. So glad to hear this! Thank you for the feedback 🙂 Doing our best to answer as many as we can! Would NVDA be actionable here off 21 day EMA pullback? If the market doesn’t weaken too much. Check out its last big run. Multiple reversals off the 21-day. Great review on NetFlix. Thanks Ed and Ken live answered Do you really go all in cash when the market is in collection? Any exceptions? I have done that a number of times over the years in my trading accounts. What does it take to create volume in a stock? Like DCBO? Still pretty thinly traded, despite growing institutional support. What will change that? More institutions getting into the stock as well as more analysts following it. Thanks, Alissa! I will sell off over next several days. So I don’t take an $800 loss in one day. Is that per IBD? Or just take the loss today, if you have time, Alissa. We aren’t making outright trade recommendations on this show, but I can tell you that I sold my entire position yesterday. What is moving average line on the volume? Is it 20SMA or 50 SMA? Red line is 50-day SMA for volume. Thoughts on HON. Actually had a nice day yesterday. RS a bit weak but trending upward. Approaching buy zone It hasn’t outperformed the S&P since 2016. I always ask myself why take on single stock risk if it’s unlikely to beat the market. Makes more sense to buy SPY. Yesterday = #instantclassic !! live answered Yes, great show yesterday. I want to rewatch these special guests clips! live answered What are your favorite aspects to the Leaderboard charts? The team’s annotations! 🙂 Got an email from the Wall Street Journal touting IBD yesterday. That should help add some more viewers. Nice! Conviction Example: Charles Harris and TSLA Great example. QFIN-making a good rebound It’s a broken stock for me. I would wait for it to build a new base. I have loved David Chung’s conviction in NVDA — great insight and analysis every time he talks this company. Wish I had bought more every time he talked it live answered Good video for conviction and holding is Irusha’s interview with Jim Roppel:) live answered How much of each panelist’s investments are in long term investments such as mutual funds & ETF’s, and how much in concentrated individual stock strategies? It’s different for everyone but we all have retirement accounts, which can be/are treated a bit differently (esp. 401Ks) your comment on conviction. Reality and conviction can get muddled leading to big loss…A lesson learned. live answered Even with convictions you still sell them if the market goes down, right? Correct. Need to respect the chart action They say if a index is too far above the 50day moving average to be careful in the market. Does that also apply to a individual stocks. Yes, we don’t like buying stocks when they’re too extended from their 50-day/10-week lines (we look for less than 10% above the 10-week ideally). And in terms of a stock that’s extended after a big run, 20-30% above the 10-day line is usually
a level that we start seeing stocks pull back — although some story stocks and meme stocks can go much higher than that before coming back down to earth Docu: How many would have held throught the big drop when it “lived” below the 200 for a LONG time? I can’t say that any of us would have done that, even with a big profit cushion. *Maybe* DSC would’ve held a small position but I can’t speak for him! did justin ever talk about upwk as an example of how things can go wrong? Early in the show. I went through how Leaderboard handled it. Is there a way to modify the name displayed on this chat? I’m reluctant to show my full name and can’t figure out how to change it in account settings. Thanks. I’m not sure — only suggestion would be to look at the Zoom account settings but it sounds like you’ve already done that! Do you guys have reserach that using 21 day as stop on all holdings has statistically performed best? Think Justin said that a few months ago. Thank you. We usually say that for the 10-week line in terms of our ultimate stop. But 21-day line a good level to start trimming (or exit depending on the action of that particular trade). Great points on Conviction . At times conviction for me gets muddled with falling in love with the stock 🙂 eg: SHOP We never want to fall in love! Price action is the ultimate guide thoughts on crwd? live answered Why is that my questions never got answered? Is there a standard 🙂 I was asking about IIPR. We have a ton of unanswered questions, sorry! There’s no standard 🙂 thanks for following up. IIPR we looked at on Monday I believe, as part of our weekly industry group analysis. Continuing to climb higher, but hasn’t offered a clean entry
yet. Hopefully we can see a handle form here. Would keep it on the watch list! what weight does AMC have on IWM movement? Ed has noted it does indeed have a not-insignificant impact can you comment on Chineese EV stocks. They are moving up today… I suppose NIO is presenting a very aggressive entry right now, but especially if it were to clear a declining-tops trend line. But I don’t have a ton of conviction in the China EV stocks to play an aggressive entry at this time, esp. with
the Nasdaq starting to pull back Justin, is the Nasdaq in a Power Trend? Yes it is. But keep in mind our early warning that the indexes are showing different action from many of the growth stocks. IBD LIVE TEAM — Great Job Today – Providing tremedoust value to the audience! I’m enjoying and learning just as much today as Monday and Tuesday. Great synergy among the team! Thank you. Thanks so much! Harold, do you think you will take some profits off the table in GNRC at 20-25% or do you have that conviction to let it keep going? I’m also a holder and sold half my shares yesterday at a 23% profit. However, that was a really hard decision
for me as it has been my best performer by far and I’m thinking I should have just left it alone. Like David Ryan said, just let it go! Not taking profits, look at the weekly, it’s in its 6th week of accumulation, strong buying by institutions Please compare UNH with QQQ… Why not avoid the single stock risk and buy QQQ? I agree. Are you guys finally getting captchas on swing trader, because it is getting hard for me to do the trades. I have been waiting for the pull backs, but sometimes they don’t happen. Is this still part of the plan, or is it no longer a strategy
to address the bots on swing trader. Thanks! Yes we are working with a vendor. FYI, listen to investing with IBD every week. Great show, have learned a lot, great guests, and good actionable ideas. Thank you Ally and Justin. Good job! Thank you so much for your support of the podcast, Steven! Glad you’re enjoying it 🙂 Is it time to hedge with SQQQ? live answered anyone hedging with SQQQ? live answered Feels as if Visa (V) is a better bet than MA. Whaddya think? live answered V hit NHs recently on many days live answered You are spot on Justin live answered Thanks Alissa. I do see that almost all of the questions got answered. Good job in that. We’ve answered 93 as of this moment, but 156 still unanswered! I learn sooooo much from the chat Q&A!!! Thank you all so much. Yay! Thanks, Amanda 🙂

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