IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Question Answer(s) on 6-9-21 IBD LIVE, KEN SAID if ZS breaks above 200, then buy 🙂 Ticker of the day DOOB Right-o Mark! Does the wedging action on VEEV make this a possible sell signal? live answered Good morning and hello Dr Ryan! GM Blaine! Saw the Doobie Bros live at Wembley Stadium in London! That sounds amazing! Good morning. GM Taher. “If one holds a lot of cash, comments about putting in the SPY500 in interim? How does team hold cash?” Here’s our ETF market strategy: Yaas! What a pleasant surprise, this morn! Glad to hear Rosejuls! Good Morning IBD LIVE! Shane!!! GM good fellow! Good morning from Chicago where it is sunny and in the low 80’s. Hi Peter! Sounds like perfect Chicago weather! Catching any MLB games at the stadium? Good Morning from Vermont! GM Shane! Welcome! Hatman David I want to thank you for helping me with my question yesterday. I learn so much from you and others. Thanks from Canada! Cheers Scott! Great to hear! Where in Canada? Happy belated Canada Day! Hatman Can you please have a look at NOW and share your thoughts? live answered Im having a problem with MarketSmith, In doing trend line alters i can draw the red line the press set alert and nothing happens i don’t get the black dash line and it doesn’t set the alert Sorry to hear about this, James! Please email [email protected] when you get a chance so you can get troubleshooting help directly from a product coach Any concern over all the debt and Socialism coming out of washington on derailing the recovery? haha, we are keeping an eye on government spend and how the market responds. Good Morning! Quick question… in an IRA is it better to track trades as LIFO or FIFO? Hi Anthony, we generally like to sell the higher-priced part of the position, to keep the average cost of the position low. So, LIFO? Always great to see David Ryan. When is mark and david both going to be on show together. Tomorrow! 🙂 Question. Mike Webster had a tweet yesterday about 3 & 6 month RS. Is that info available on the IBD or MarketSmith platforms and where can I find it? Thank you!! Not yet! Only on Panaray, an institutional research product. BILL is also on S/T Yes it is! 🙂 Check ZI daily chart.. Buy here “ZI is interesting. Buy point is 54.34. I suppose you could try a trendline from the top of base or top of handle to get a slightly lower entry, though last week’s test makes me like the official entry more in this case. FYI – ZI announced
an acquisition today.” Is DEN a buy off of 10 week line? Thanks! live answered GM from Cape Cod GM Phil! “Morning, CLF is setting up” live answered What were the tickers this morning. Coming in late, thank you BILL, GNRC, ASAN, SPT Interesting that the market does not seem to like indications of a stronger economy and inflation nor a slowing of the economy. Conundrum! Goldilocks demands. Not too strong but not too weak or she’ll start breaking stuff. In the auto mfg group BYDDF Makes batteries Buffet in this one I think this may be the best-looking chart in the EV space right now. Fell a lot but not as much as NIO/LI/XPEV. And it’s higher in the base than TSLA with a real handle. Good morning thoughts on ALB dropping back a bit You said it – dropping *a bit* amid meh open after strong breakout Monday. Hello guys! can anyone please tell the IBD live webteam to please keep things consistent. The show notes website url on monday 7/12 is different than the ones in the past, breaking my links to the show notes. Thanks for the info, Carlos! Making a note of this. I think it might be because it’s for subscribers only, so we don’t want the URL easily searchable but I’m not exactly sure! Can we open multiple watch lists in MS like how you do on ThinkOrSwim? For the best answer on this, would reach out to our MarketSmith product coaches: [email protected] BA got an analyst upgrade today Yes, but the Dreamliner news clearly trumps that. You have fixed it so that I cannot hide panel” which shrinks the screen. I have logged out and back in, but am still looking at speaker. I do not want to look at presenter. In view options, please allow Hide panel Hi Ross! Have you tried making the Zoom window full screen? How did David expand the size of Market Smith screen? Been looking for that 🙂 I think that’s via the chrome browser! Do these round numbers like 200 or 100 act as major resistance areas? Yes, we do focus on round numbers! What is Cls Range? Where a stock closes in its trading range from high to low. You can have a close at the top (100%) or bottom (0%) or anywhere inbetween. As a LiveIBD subscriber, how to I access past episodes? …should have access to at a few weeks’ worth of archived shows. Just got Leaderboard yesterday. Looks great. I think Ali mentioned a model portfolio yesterday. Is that in the app? Hi there! Glad you’re liking it so far! A great place to start would be to check out 🙂 a lot of questions answered there! You can also reach out to our product coaches if you need more help: [email protected] ok, thanks Alissa. Not a zoom type function in MarketSmith then. Right — on my Mac, I can use Command + or Command – to zoom in and out on the chart size! GM Team! can you share your thoughts on UPST. Thank you! UPST is doing what UPST has been doing. It was very nice to see UPST finally close above its 21-day line, but not surprising to see it retreat again. Hasn’t decisively cleared its recent range. Chris – ASAN and SPT – Extended now ? ASAN extended, Chris mentioned he was waiting for a setup there but wants to keep it on his radar because of the strength. SPT has had some tight weekly closes lately so that could be actionable on a move from this tight action. ‘@Ali, the links are behind the login so they are not public. No one is able to access them without a login. Thanks again for your help Is this what you are referring to? Has the UPST reversal negated the breakout….is it very negative? I don’t think Monday was a breakout. So while today is negative it’s not terrible. UPST still within a multi-week range. is there a screen on ipo stocks, in marketsmith? You can create your own screen! We have a video clip about this with our past guest Kathy Donnelly linked over at On Justin’s Industry Group’s spread sheet, the Transportation – Air Freight group looks inviting. Which is the best of those stocks to be buying today? There aren’t very many stocks in this group (only 5) and most of them are still below their 50-day lines. UPS and AIRT are above their moving averages but AIRT is very thin. UPS is looking the best to me right now and looks like it could breakout
soon. It would be great if Market Smith future updates could find a way to notate those extraordinary events such as the Russel re allocation, quad witching etc on the charts. It does an exceptional job of noting the corporate events. Let our product coaches know! [email protected] Joined late. Not sure if you commented on DOCU action today. Not yet! 🙂 Any thoughts on COIN here? Trying to hold the 50 Day MA $COIN is very tied to Bitcoin price. Don’t know if the business should be tied to the price. Bitcoin trading volume seems like a better gauge, but it’s clear that $COIN and BTC price are closely linked for now. Hi gang – what is difference between ready list and watch list pls? Fhx Ready is in/very close to buy areas. Watch includes ready stocks, but also quality stocks that are worth watching. Hi where can I see the ready/watch list? Thanks Hi Joanne! We have the list linked daily next to that day’s archived episode at — further instructions can be found at! “‘@ali yes the show notes for all prior days had this format: – – –” OK thanks, will inquire “Good morning, what are the teams thoughts on Snow? Thanks.” live answered Is zip in trouble here…. Looks fine to me. In the buy zone. It’s very volatile, like a lot of IPOs. For someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on the market would buying TQQQ be a bad strategy as long as they didn’t ignore the market cycle completely? Here’s our ETF market strategy. would be careful with leverage! What are “the tails” on the one minute chart, as mentioned by Chris? For candlesticks — they have wicks (or tails) and bodies “Again your volume is too darn high! Can’t you turn. it down? I have my samsung volume and media volume minimum. Do something or I will have no choice but to cancel my subscription!” Hi George, I am so sorry to hear you’re having troubles with the audio levels. We aren’t getting other complaints of this on a frequent basis. I am listening to the show remotely and using headphones without issues. Have you tried going into
your Zoom audio settings? You should be able to adjust the output volume level from there! TSM — Currently not actionable, but, being such a prominent chip fabricator (and reporting earnings on Thursday, July 15 at 2 pm Eastern time) what impact will their earnings have on semiconductors? Earnings will be before the open I assume. Maybe 2 p.m. ET is the conference call. TSM earnings, guidance and capex comments will be important for a number of customers and suppliers. Just sent the email, Alissa! Let’s keep our fingers crossed. That would be a cool feature. Nice! Why are you so heavily invested in LederBoard if you guys are so nervous? Sounds like a major pullback is imminent. Many of the positions on Leaderboard have big profit cushions, with initial buys made early in the 2020 rally. We don’t want to let go of those big profits! Please explain Advanced Decline more. Here you go! what does shake out mean Hey Billy, here’s a helpful article on this subject! Why is the “Stock List – Relative Strength at New High” different from stocks on RS Blue Dot list (both current & Recent?” The Blue Dot is based on stocks in bases or breaking out of bases. The other screen is just looking at the RS line. If David owned ZS at $200 would he add some now? live answered How much of a gain would you need to hold PYPL into earnings given the current action? We generally like a 10% gain, Debra, but it can depend on the stock’s general volatility. If you add the at-the-money call and put premium, divide that by current price, you get an expected move on the quarterly result. Pls check out the latest
columns in the Options section, in Research at Could the team kindly discuss the action on TMO? Thank you. live answered ZI now at 54.42 Cleared a buy point ? live answered Commercial staffing is doing well. Thoughts on UPWK’s setup live answered How would you handle GNRC? large run-up, but how to do you determine whether to hold (8 week hold?) or secure gains? live answered can you zoom in when you talk about buying point please Sure, I can try to do that sometimes, thank you Khalilollah. GM, do you post all the poll results about your viewer demographic somewhere? I mean, even the past ones that were asked. David Ryan asked the same thing this morning. We’ll see if Ali can compile this data. I’ve been a subscriber to IBD since beginning of time, most of you were pups That’s great. A lot of IBD Live panelists – and IBD writers/editors generally – have been here for 20+ years. Ryan and Minervini on the same show – wouldn’t want to miss that! Is this a pay-per-view that we need to pay extra for? Hmm. IBD Live+? IBD Live Premier Access? It’s definitely one to watch – and rewatch. ‘@Ali, for the Advance Decline line that was shown, is this available for IBD Digital subscribers? I tried to search for it but not finding it. It is! Click on the market trend tab at the top navigation of, which is this URL: On this page (a good one to bookmark), below the chart, click on the blue button that says “access
the general market indicator charts” Hey Ali, Received an email about Leaderboard webinar, but am not seeing the link on the dashboard. I emailed in about this yesterday and still haven’t heard back. Hi Amanda! We usually post the link day-of — will be there later today before the webinar starts! I’ve had to login to the IBD website numerous times this morning. Every time I hit a link in the website, I get kicked out. Very frustrating. This sounds quite frustrating, Philip. So sorry to hear. Are you able to contact our customer service team so they can help with detailed troubleshooting? I was on IBD Live at my previous job but when I left I purchased it for myself. Thank you guys for all of your knowledge. I have learned so much. I have also noticed Aly has grown so much. It’s incredible. Aw thank you so much for this sweet coment, Talina! Hi Ali. I thought you would have a special reward for those of us who were with IBD before the pandemic ? Think about it ! Survivorship should have its rewards !? Haha I guess bragging rights?? We’re glad you’ve stayed with us! can you please explain amount that makes big cap vs smalll cap? HOw can read what stocks are on IWM vs S&P vs Nasdaq? Answer to Q1: Answer to Q2: and What made me start IBD Live back in early 2020 was after hearing Ken say “Let’s Do This” over 100 times on the YouTube auto ads I gave in and said “Alright already! I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”… Ha! Love it Tx doing good TX has become the recent leader for sure, breaking out ahead of others. I’m also struggling with trend line alerts for the past couple of days -the line lights up (turns orange ) but doesn’t let me activate it. That’s no bueno! Do you mind reaching out to our team so they can help troubleshoot? I wonder if there’s a certain browser that’s giving trouble or something. Can email team here: [email protected] Also regarding archived videos, as you don’t have for previous months, is it possible to at least include all guest (external panelist) videos from January 2021? We don’t have a full archive of all episodes on the page (because that prevents the page from loading) but we do have select clips on the FAQ page at as well as on our YouTube channel! UPWK looks ready to lift higher here, review please Agreed, triggered an alert for me QRVO under followed here lately. A lot to like. QRVO/SWKS setting up with handle. I’ll note that QRVO has been a better buy near the 50-day/10-week. Actual breakouts have been hard to hold. Is there a column in IBD analysing how there is a sector rotation since the beginning of the year? Hi there! We had a feature story on this topic to kick off the second half of 2021: keep an eye on DOCS IPO with real earnings growth and sales growth I’m keeping an eye on that one. Almost worn out by ZTS and would like to keep as long term position Agree? ZTS is looking strong. Thoughts on TGH? Container lease company. Trying to find support at 50-day line. Looks better than SBLK and ZIM right now. UPWK moving quickly to the 61.31 buy point. can we take a look? Breaking out in nice volume! UPWK breaking out Volume looking good UPWK breaking out… Indeed it is — we set an alert together for this one on the show earlier this week or last week! TSM $127 looks like a good entry If it weren’t for earnings I’d say 122.10 could have been an early entry. Frustrating MS – I get the message “you have been signed out of this work station because you logged at another work station’ and kicks me out every few minutes. It is so frustrating and feel like to leave MS. -I am sending them an email but I wanted you to tell them too – thx Thanks for letting us know! Yes, please send them an email so they can help you resolve this issue! [email protected] You mentioned CYH a couple of days ago. What do you think now? Still looking good. HCA/THC have earnings next week. DAVID — UPWK +7.11% — Volume: +106% I’m pretty sure we’ll take a look at UPWK soon. 🙂 Nice breakout/breakout attempt. Started to be buyable IMO from a downward-sloping trend line in handle … just below 60. PYPL – would you say it’s wedging up? It hasn’t really shown any high volume accumulation Well, PYPL moved above early entry in strong volume. Last week’s breakout at least came on avg volume. I have been an IBD subscriber since going thru the original chart books by HAND! Thank you William O’Neil, went to your seminar in Santa Monica and it was life changing!! Wow, thank you for sharing! How do I get Data Graph? Daily graphs was the old, print version of MarketSmith! What do you think about GNRC today? Looks like a hold here to me Is UPWK actionable? Clearing a buy point in volume. I assume the panelists will discuss UPWK soon. IBD live has condensed 20 years of studying charts. So much better than charting by HAND! Thank you IBD LIVE! This is an invaluable service and time saver. We appreciate the feedback, Rosejuls! David’s thoughts on today’s breakouts on $AMZN and $AAPL please & thank you. both broke out in the first few days of July — extended from ideal entries at this point. but no double large-cap tech is leading the market right now That graph of the earnings in PanArray is a nice feature… Can we request features like this for MarketSmith? We like using the earnings stability rating (on weekly charts in MS) — the lower the number the better! similar to the earnings trendline on the data graph, is there anything similar in market Smith? We don’t have it plotted, but the earnings stability rating gives you a great idea of how stable the growth is! With IBD Digital do we have access to the Data Graphs for stocks? If so, how do i get access to the graphs? Daily Graphs was the precursor to MarketSmith. Could David pls repeat what the 4 phases are Initial base, run, top, decline Can you highlight the previous episode where David R covered the earlier stages? Last Tuesday! Is UPWK still actionable? live answered Purchased upwk at breakout nice gain was on watchlist MarketSmith alert helped Glad to hear it, Amit! UPWK, earnings is coming up. Would you buy it now or wait? live answered Really, our little individual investor dollar can actually move a stock? Lots of individual investors can add up! Note UPWK has 2 favorite MU T. Rowe and Lord Abbett live answered UPWK was moving before show took note. live answered Mike Webster had a tweet yesterday about 3 & 6 month RS. Is that info available on the IBD or MarketSmith platforms and where can I find it? Thank you!! You can screen for them/add them to lists and sort by them in MS; they are in the price and volume list. Reach out to our coaches if you need help: [email protected] What about UPWK? live answered How do I find ETFs related to a particular industry? Is there a way to see this data on Marketsmith? I just do a quick web search to find any ETF I’m interested in — i.e. “software sector ETF” or “electric vehicle ETF” etc. Exceptional instruction and coaching as always! IBD Live continues to show up and get better everyday and you inspire me to do the same. Thanks for the help! Glad to hear it, Shane! David Ryan is amazing. I learn something new everything he speaks! Thank you David for joining as a regular attendee. live answered GM…David, what is your opinion on CRWD ? Thanks Answered live GM Team, can we look at OLO setup ?? answered live Hatman David I live an hour west of Toronto. I like your Hats and find your very analytical which I like. Thanks Really appreciate that. Toronto, great city! Went to speak there once, and popped in for a movie during TIFF years back! David – thx for 125% screen ! You bet! Please comment on SBUX. It looks like it’s breaking into it’s buy zone on increased volume. I like the action! Def formed a good saucer like base; it and a few others in the restaurant space are heating up. 119.08 pivot how to you expand view to 125% on MS…as Dave just mentioned? Simply CTRL and “+” button to zoom in, Ctrl and “-” to zoom out Quick note for David – Many thanks for sharing your expertise each week. I am sure you don’t need to do this, but it’s extremely kind of you to take the time. I’m hugely benefiting from your experience and teaching. Awesome Question for David for the poll – could you tell us what the perfect cup with handle looks like in your mind. What should we be looking for. More here! and and

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