IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Question Answer Good Morning GM Mohamad Good Morning, Curious about Regression Channel Lines on Nasdaq you used to plot on the TOS platform. Any reason for not using them now? Thanks Waiting for a new uptrend! GM Jim! Nice tune, Jackie Green? Hi Shari! Yes, Jackie Greene! The song is “Recession Proof” GM everyone GM Darren HAT MAN! Hi Lee!! Hatman is Tieman today : ) live answered Hartman wearing a tie!!! Yes! Blue and yellow, solidarity for UKR! Can you talk about if you think oil is extended? live answered Could please explain the source list(s) behind the “Leaders up in volume” & “Leaders down in volume” in the Big Picture article. They are picked by the writer based on that day’s action. GM IBD Live, & welcome David, let’s roll! Hey Tom! Did David ever end up buying CTVA? I got in on 2/3 and sold @ the open on 2/24 to protect a b/e stop. Was that a natural reaction or a good place to cut it loose. Would it make snse to renter around 52? live answered Please look at cw Nice move yesterday in good volume. It’s becoming a little extended here although still inside the 5% buy zone. GM team – David R – doing well on my oil names and NTR but when do we sell these? Do the standard 20-25% gains and 7-8% loss rules apply to these cyclicals or do we hold out for larger gains? Thx live answered What is a porcupine stock? One that keeps sticking it to you? A stock that a bunch of spikes up (often intraday) but then quick reversals. Hard to have conviction when buying on strength – is that the moment it’ll reverse lower? David R., please tell us what a hedge fund is and how they differ from other funds. Thank you. live answered AZO looks to gap up this morning. Like to see how it holds up and whether it can get above 50 day line. live answered Good morning everybody! Looking forward to another interesting IBD Live session. When you look at ADRs. If you have an account that allows you to trade on the primary listing exchange would you prefer that to trading the ADR on the US exchange? The biggest issue is that if it trades on a home exchange, the action in the US will look very gappy. Looking sharp Dave! Thank you Mark! Wearing blue and gold for the Ukrainians! Could you take a look at PDCE Oil and Gas. Broke out yesterday after earnings. Up over 10% yesterday. Nice breakout in strong volume. Good to see it follow through with more gains today in strong volume. COIN, RIOT? Interesting as BTC is booming as is not being isolated from financial sanctions… yet.. live answered What was the ticker of the sector etf Dave was talking about? LETRX Can Russia use bitcoin to bypass the SWIFT payment system? If so, is it bullish for bitcoin? Great point Jimmy Today’s my 1yr anniversary w/IBDL. Only miss when I’m on vacation. Thank you for this excellent program. Awesome! Thank you so much for being part of the IBD Live community! What are your thoughts on HP? It’s now extended after breaking out. However, they’re not profitable at the moment and there are many others in the drilling space that are. market was whippy yesterday so I harvested most of my gains Good trades Phil FTNT AR DDOG live answered Hi David, are you still Watchin RYAN? looks like a good spot here? live answered would you also review IWM? Hi Reha, IWM remains in a correction; still well below its falling 50-, 200-day moving averages. Pls keep in mind, the Russell 2K has produced a 156% gain from its March 2020 low. Big move. What are your thoughts on Money Center Banks, Visa and Master Card and exposure to Europe/ Russia live answered Yesterday I learned about “/ES” ” to look for wedging. Why look at “/ES” instead of SPY during normal trading hours? He wanted to show that the trend went further back than what would be shown from the open. Another 15 hours of data to look at on the intraday chart. RYAN breaking out? Appropriate for today:) Breakout fakeout? AR is moving Certainly is, although it appears extended here from the 22.09 entry. after a month in the sun in Florida heading back to Syracuse NY. IBD Live even beats pool time because you guys are the greatest. Aw thanks for this!! Safe travels! david ryan could you go over some buy points and how to pin point them thanks Check out our video series on selling with David Ryan linked on our FAQ page — the first one goes over spotting proper entries. 🙂 NOG is breaking out. thoughts? live answered Thanks Chris, but is the writer looking at all stocks, or maybe the Growth 250? All the IBD lists, the Growth 250, plus their own screens. Can we hear Chris’ thoughts on LYV this week? live answered Software security has had an exceptional run since the Ukraine situation has erupted — would you take partial profits in holdings in this sector ? Mark Minervini likes talking about “financing” trades by taking off some of the position into strength relatively quickly. In this market, it’s not a bad idea! Good morning IBD! Morning Ben! Thoughts please on ITA. The move today above 109.50 pivot could serve as an early entry. Or the official buy point of 113.23 could be worth looking into. Was there negative news on MP? Not seeing anything at the moment but something is certaintly hitting it as it’s down nearly 10% and back below the 50-day line. I m 75% cash 12% SPY and 12% commodities. I have some nice gains in my commodities stocks (OVV, NTR, AA, BTU and sector spdr’s), but my SPY position is offsetting these gains resulting in sluggish growth. My SPY position was larger but was trimmed
back over that last month. should i sit through thos and consider the SPY a long term position or trim more? We like using market ETFs tactically at key turning points in the market, rather than holding them. In this rally attempt, if we do get a follow-through day at some point, having market exposure with index ETFs is one strategy we use. David Ryan, some charts of cyclical stock are too wide and loose, which the spread from high to low above 40%, seem not a sound bases, is it safe to buy it? besides, the oil stocks depend so much on the oil price which is very volatile at
this time, do we need to consider this factor? Look for the ones that aren’t wide and loose, ones that have tightened up with solid technical setups. There’s a possibility oil stocks could be due for a break, but there’s another possibility, as David Ryan is saying, that this is year one
of an approx. 18-month move What about coal BTU ? The cross above 14.13 or the upside reversal at the 21-day/15 price level seem like they were the best entries. Feels extended here In times of high volatiliy, should stop lose triggers be tight or loose? Thank you Depends on the stock and your trading style. Could either go with a smaller position size and have a wider stop, or a bigger/more normal position size with a tight stop. AA is up over 8% Metals are en fuego. TECK? I’m liking this industry group, and the RS line is looking strong. However, it’s already more than 10% extended from the 10-week line. RIO a buy here? It is technically in a buy zone and less than 10% extended from the 10-week line, two good signs. Justin wrote a good story on it last week and you can check that out here: Executing your trading plan by taking a small loss is not a mistake. I have to tell myself that it is a mistake not taking that small loss. That helps me take the losses faster than the concept of talking a loss as a mistake. Ron, yes to this!! It’s EXACTLY one of the things David Ryan discusses in a new video with me that’s out this morning — four personality traits of successful investors, including humillity. Link here if you’re interested: is RIO presenting a good entry live answered RMBS smaller name that seems to be holding up decently. Cup and possible handle forming. Yes, I’ve liked this one for a while. The strong volume in recent weeks looks good, and good to see the RS line moving to new high ground. It’d be good to see it fully reclaim the 50-day from here. Can you guys look at RIO? live answered Any thoughts/comments on the move in the 10 year (0TNX) and its implications for equities? live answered CLR breaking out can it still be bought or wait for pullback? It’s nearly 10% extended from the 10-week line now, so if it were me, I’d wait for a pullback and try to buy it closer to an optimal entry point. Morning Morning Jose! NOG looks good live answered What is pen ray Panaray. William O’Neil + Co’s institutional version of MarketSmith essentially In order to buy, how do you factor in that NOG is 13% over 50 day even though it is in the buy zone? Position size? You have to use the 21 day to size the position. We are still in correction, I am trained to sit-out, I thought ‘the bear mauls all’? Apparently not as I listen to ‘Live’… correct? This is an unusual correction with commodities shrugging off the general weakness. TECK is starting to break out! Maybe an add-on entry for existing shareholders, but the latest pattern isn’t long enough for a full-on base Please clarify how to get stock of day- thx You can click to today’s IBD Stock Of The Day from the home page There’s also this Stock Of The Day landing page with all the recent SOTD stories. How do size you position and do you make multiple buys or all in one? Hey Frank! We consider a standard full position one that’s 10% of your portfolio. We like scaling in; either pyramid 5%, 3%, 2% or a pyramid of two buys to get to the 10%. Some investors like adding after a certain price gain, while others
want to see a new technical setup before adding. More info at Hi Chris- having a hard time hearing you when your speaking thoughtfully… Maybe the mic was too low. Let me know how it sounds in the next go around. TGT reported today. Maybe time to reduce loss as DRyan often suggests? That’s definitely one strategy. Would like to see it hold above the 50-day now AA looking strong this morning, in a weak tape. Metals/miners are very strong. CLF at the trend line. Where would you like to see this one close to consider actionable? We try to buy the leaders of the group — STLD for example looking stronger than CLF Good morning, I see that yesterday’s Market School commentary not updated. Hate to continue mentioning, is there perhaps a new time when to expect this to be updated? I find it very helpful, and had grown to include it in my pre-market analysis.
Thank you for such an amazing tool! Checking w/ the team on this Good morning, I see that yesterday’s Market School commentary not updated. Hate to continue mentioning, is there perhaps a new time when to expect this to be updated? I find it very helpful, and had grown to include it in my pre-market analysis.
Thank you for such an amazing tool! Should be updated! thoughts on COST? Nice to see it reclaim the 50-day line. But with earnings coming up in 2 days I’d wait to see how things play out. Why is Lithium plays are not working when other metals are making moves ? I don’t know. Lithium plays often have much-higher PEs. SCCO breaking out today live answered If you miss TGT right before earnings, don’t worry, there is COST. Interesting! 🙂 I definitely think COST looks more appealing technically. DR – love your clarity, awesome live answered When we get shaken out of a stock a couple of times and exit with a small 7-8% loss each time and then rebuy 2-3 times within 30 days, our cost basis gets adjusted/increases with each rebuy. How do we manage these trades with added cost basis?
Just a wait for the one time when it actually does pick up and those gains will take care of the higher cost? Or get more shares on the rebuy(s) to offset the higher cost basis? I’ve always hesitated rebuying these due to the increased
cost. Thank you! Personally, I treat it as a different trade when I’m doing my analysis. I try not to let the prior decision affect my current decision. Of course for tax purposes I’ll use that higher cost basis from the wash sale to capture the loss. Looks like Tsla is an early proxy for the QQQ’s it has been turned back at the 21 day line today so far Very similar – and interrelated for sure. If the QQQs punch through, high chance that TSLA does too. If TSLA leads the way, its weight and story-stock bellwether status might bring everything up. But the correlation would work the same way
on the downside. i’M DOWN 8-9% IN AIRLINES AND HOTELS. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON HOLDING OR ADDING CONSIDERING COVID TAPERING AND SUMMER VACAY AROUND THE CORNER? I DON’T WANT TO SELL AT LOSSES ONLY TO HAVE THEM COME BACK THIS SUMMER That’s tough. We never want small losses to turn into big ones. If your timing is off, there’s no need to worry about getting back out because you can always get back in if you see new proper setups! Check out some thoughts from David Ryan for more wisdom on this point: What happened to MP the last two days? Any comments would be appreciated. I just wrote our IBD 50 Stocks To Watch story on this yesterday and haven’t seen anything that could negatively impact it as such. Will continue to monitor the news. Somebody woke up today wanting to buy NEM Gold price up, gold stocks up. Any read thru on the market with a new 52 week low in JPM… looks ugly on a weekly chart. Financials look terrible. David Ryan is amazing, great knowledge sharing – thank you for bringing him on weekly on the show! We agree. Thank you for your comment, Sara! “please check market. Swing trader is closing positions” Our movement wasn’t really market related more sector related. PCRX is a profitable biotech showing strength with accelerating earning in a nice long base. live answered FTNT any thoughts live answered Can we look at SKX (leaderboard)? Why was this added when the industry group ranking is so low! Would suggest following sell rules — looking weak OLLI – specialty discounter OLLI and fellow close-out retailer BIG look terrible. CPE… now up 8%.. it seems to have cleared the 59.55 pivot. Now we’ll see if it can clear the resistance around 62. RS line is looking good. Can you explain how the blue dot is on a downward pointing line not the highest level since Dec? COST The RS line is now higher than where it was in December “Good Morning Everyone, What is going on with MP?” I don’t know. I’ve looked around but I don’t see news. MP has wild swings up and down. where do you think aerospace and defense is going from here? Seems bright for defense-focused firms. We’re going to see more defense spending going forward – esp. in Europe. I suspect a lot of money on weapons, so good news for a lot of defense stocks. AXP down over 5% today — not seeing any specific news — could we discuss ? Financials look terrible. AXP hit on lower interest rates, maybe economic concerns, travel concerns. Nice point Chris and Dave on RS line. live answered David, Is EWZ a buy? live answered RIO also has nicedividend! live answered Thanks for showing how to change the RS comparison in MarketSmith! U bet RIO also has a 3 weeks tight in the handle live answered FCX looks great live answered BHP? live answered What about VALE? live answered GFI live answered Any idea why MP Gapped down? Not seeing any news right now; let’s dig Any cybersecurity stocks today? live answered What about BHP in that group live answered NTR rose significantly above the upper trend line. Time to lock in profits?? live answered A range for “long base”? 1 year? 18 months? Thanks Davids and team! 6 months to 18 months! How to find the leader in a group in Marketsmith? Look at the different ratings/rankings and technical action — price and volume, RS line, etc. Seems FCX is extended live answered Also, CMC Looking buyable live answered RIO has terrible earnings projections. Isn’t that concerning? I suppose we’ll have to watch for upside revisions, but good point Michael. Is Vale’s dividend for real? May be worth checking for any special dividend that is skewing the yield. BRO is coming out Yep, still basing, but the current base is whippy, no? DDOG is my leader today live answered MU — Historically, stocks that have had 3-wks tight on the left side, bottom of cup, and right side have done well for me. Computer Data Storage has great future prospects for Growth. live answered HUN down 5% this morning? Probably related to a proxy/activist fight. HUN blasted Starboard, which is pushing to get board seats. i am a farmer we are getting hurt really bad Sorry to hear 🙁 RS Line feature with moving averages. Which length of Moving average line do you recommend for daily chart? Weekly? I use 50 for daily, 10 for weekly and 24 for monthly. LPX (Louisiana Pacific/Bldg-Wood Prds Group) weirdly got hit after positive earnings 2/22, but thereafter recently had 3 relatively strong volume days in a row recovering from that, bringing it back above its 50-day MA, where today it is pausing.
Does this look like a good entry point, maybe waiting for the close to see if it holds? In this strong environment for commodities, seems like wood products should also fare well. Good point. I think LPX got hit by BCC comments about volatile pricing (which didn’t seem that surprising to me). But LPX has bounce back – and so has BCC. Justin: Buy switch is off now, right? Yes. Who’s (special guests) on IBD Live in March? I noticed it not updated on the FAQ’s. Thanks We’re still filling out the schedule, but we have Brian Shannon on Friday and Kathy Donnelly a week later. Bring webby back Chris. I’ll definitely ask. we in ATX welcome you Chris!! It will be my first visit. Many of the CYCLICAL stocks are in DOW, DOW IS SELLING OFF? Bad day for a number of chemicals stocks. Don’t know why. Nooooo! Don’t let Gessel go to Austin. He might decide to stay or something. Make Webby come to you. : ) Highly unlikely that I would abandon Paso Robles. I thought you guys sold FTNT off leaderboard, add back? It was taken off on Leaderboard because we didn’t have enough cushion on our entry. For Long-Term Leaders, we’ve had it on the list for a long time so it can be treated differently if you had cushion on it. PCRX has alternative to opiod live answered did consulting work for them. their big products are for surgeries such as knee, hip replacements. they have product that is left in the tissue and provides pain relief for 4-5 days post op w/o opioids. live answered Thanks Chris for bringing attention to NOG today; I bought and am up 2 percent (at the moment). This one was not on my radar previously. Oil is very strong today. Why is PANW. DROPPING? That’s not much of a drop after three huge gains. Looks very normal. Ed. isnt it because cryptos trade 24/7 Sure. Just makes it hard to compare % changes Bitcoin “stocks” or ETFs – at least at a glance. SKX is really bad Yes, NKE, ADDYY also woeful. Could you pls explain what a mental health buy is? Thx Check out this video for details! How KTOS. It is in drones Lagging too within the group. David Ryan talked about any short positions or ideas? Right at the start we discussed SQ Could you look at ETF on defense DFEN Interesting one, Dave; wonder why this one hasn’t broken out like some of the individual names? So what about uranium names? URA, CCJ ? I’m watching CCJ, Steven, still in a decent double bottom. Thank you Rachel live answered Both Davids are great Our attendees are awesome. Great show everyone, hats 🎩 off to you hatman Dave! Love the infrequent formal look! live answered Super Alissa – will watch your YouTube with David tonight. live answered Always enjoy your insights on the show, David R. 😀 live answered ST website says scorecard is today They changed it up on me! Thank you wizards! live answered Thanks good for the information and advice live answered Great show today, guys…always appreciate the depth of your knowledge and candid delivery of it. live answered LB website has scorecard for 3/3 Right Nice work everyone….all my gains disappeared but a good week live answered Massive team effort today by panelists and dark ops. I love IBD Live! live answered Chris, Austin is a great town. Enjoy. I want to move back there from Houston soon as I can! live answered Late to post this, but take a look at the daily bar for TNX (interest rates)!! Down at its lows on a long bar after gapping down at the open… Big, big safe haven flows. Gold up nicely too. Odds of a FTD today or tomorrow what index is more likely to give us one? live answered all the fertilizers sold off live answered they were due live answered “David, You’re deserving of the ultimate compliment. As someone originally from Kentucky where it is said most eloquently, “YOU ARE A STUD DOG FROM HELL.” It simply can’t get any better than that, it’s top of the scale. THANK YOU!!!!!!” Oh man I hope David R sees this! Thanks James!

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