IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2022

Question Answer Good morning Ali Morning all! Happy Wed to the best LIVE investing team in da world !! GM Scott, Happy Hump Day! Thanks for the kudos, we have the best audience. by and by a great pick for the music. Fun start to the day. Great pick by Ali Loved the bluegrass intro. Hey Elaine! Glad you liked it 🙂 yesterday, you mentioned a Market School discussion forum. What/where is it? Thanks! Hey Bill! Not a discussion forum, but Justin’s annotated market school chart is available to those who have Leaderboard and have purchased our market school course. You can reach out to our customer success team for more details if you’re
interested! The A team. Yay! True, but hurtful. 🙂 No Irusha today? He’s now on the first Wednesday each week, but on the podcast every week. ‘@justin, have you done any studies on anchoring a VWAP to follow through days ? I haven’t. But I like how Brian Shannon uses “event” anchors so that seems like a worthwhile investigation. what do you guys think about MPW? Not sure why it’s fallen sharply, but it may be due to expectations of herd immunity vs. covid. But, still up nicely since the March 2020 low. I assume you like this for the yield (5.5%), the solid revenue and earnings, and the long-term business
prospects? HatMan Good morning everyone! Dave, hatman, golfman! Hey Ron! So super happy for you w/ the Valentine Day’s news. Planning any honeymoon w/ the travel restrictions loosening further? Morning all! Morning! Good morning Chris, David, Justin… Good morning, Fernando. GM, Team! Hi Richard! Like we believe Russia saying they’ll play nice! C’mon man! Brandon would be the only one to believe that! Lol Ha ha! Good one, yes GM Everybody! Hey Brian! Tickers please OKE, ESI, CWK yea arent the ammonia nitrate used for fertilizers That’s right, and NH3 has 3 Hydrogen atoms, so the company could become a big supplier for hydrogen fuels. CF conf call still to come? Right, at 7am PT today It’s a great show every day, but would there be a way to have graphics and/or charts (of the companies being discussed)appear on the screen when the news portion of the program is taking place? It’s a nice idea, but would it possibly slow down the news segment? Also, it may be up to the host to decide which companies highlighted in the news gets a chart look… and that’s what Ali did nicely w/ DVN so far. Great suggestion, though,
thanks Kevin Good Morning! GM Tim! Did you listen to the UPST conference call? Blow out earnings and stock buy back. I’m glad I held it! Good for you, Tam, on this nice gain! I haven’t yet listened. But, what I do like: the eps of 89c is a record; the revenue of $305 mil also a record, and huge QTQ increase vs $229 mil in Q3. After-tax margin very impressive, 28.5% also improved
vs. Q3. Will keep watching! I know Generac earnings were up; I just had to replace my rotor/stator assembly for my whole house stand-by generator! Parts prices are ridiculous!! GNRC popped this morning but still way off highs. Is UPST buyable after big earnings? Thx Everything is so extreme w/ Upstart, but this certainly breaks a steep downtrend line that you could draw from the high in the week ended Nov. 19 near 262. For me, personally, I’d like to see more progress, more building of the base’s right
side first. UPST live answered Did CF go from being down 6% in the premarket to up 2.5% now?! I didn’t see CF down that much premarket – might have missed a trade. Sometimes stocks can really swing premarkets, esp. if trading is light. CRSR up 12% this AM. This is a stock you’ve talked about in the past…like over a year ago. Any news? It will be joining the S&P SmallCap 600. Also, Corsair did report Q4 results last week. Nice break of a long downtrend, now, can it stay above the 10-week MA, and can this moving average bend higher? “GM LIVE! Can we look at reopening play $EXPE ?” Hi Nancy! Leaderboard is breathing easier after adding a call option expiring this Friday w/ a 195 strike. EXPE is now sharply extended past the 190.88 new cup w/ handle entry. CF abv last pt of resistance 74.77 Hanging tough, Leslie; I’d like to see how it finishes for the week, too. David – really looking forward to your Short Class – enjoyed your previous Short Side articles as well! Kind of you to say, Marshall, thanks so much! And a link for everyone else to find these articles. Do you guys buy BOUT ? How come you don’t recommend to buy this ? I’ve got some BOUT in an IRA account. upstart? I’m sure we’ll get to it. Nice pop. Still way off highs. Will this bounce stick and continue? We’ll see. A lot will depend on the market. GM IBD Live! Seems like professional money managers are waiting to see how Fed addresses the new high inflation tax before making any big moves. Comments on CF results yesterday? live answered WH classic cup with handle breaking out live answered “OBD Stock List – BOUT” Thanks, Glenn. You beat me to it! Is BOUT computer-generated or moderated? Computer generated. psx? live answered APPS having a massive drop Interesting chart, eh, Dariusz? To me personally, this is a solid company w/ great fundamentals, but it just may digest its huge gains of 2020-21 for a long time. Ali: good morning. Good job for Barrons live. Would you put the link at FAQ each time after the talk. Thank you Thank you for watching! That’s a good idea Is OKE a DB base Hi Duncan, great Q. Yes, I agree w/ you that it has the contours of a double bottom. 1st low at 55.65, 2nd low just nipped that 1st, 55.55. So, within this shallow pattern (only a 17% drop from head to toe), 63.65 to me is a valid buy point.
Cheers, HatMan — What happened to FIGS?? I remember when almost everyday it was discussed. I still have a downtrend alert on it. But it’s 62% off its high and sales growth is slowing. It may be a long time before it sets up a high-probability buy point. Upstart? live answered Good Morning All… I’m trying to figure out how Ali changed her chart to make it a little easier to read..Thanks Ctrl and + or – will zoom in and zoom out on the chart. Team, your comments on NVDA with earnings today. Have ~4% cushion right now…. live answered Why not compare the RS vs the group ? Another great idea! I should have mentioned it. I have conviction in UPST. I doubled my money previously and kept watching it. I bought back at $106. I’m hoping to hold for the long term. If you are managing risk and using sell rules like it sounds like you have, well done Tamara! Chris, could I check what you meant then, so are you saying stocks that have fallen 42% or less from the high can go on and recover, but higher than that is much less likely to be a successful investment? Many thanks We built the BOUT ETF using Pattern Rec on the Growth 250 using early buy strategies. As part of that process we analyzed all the bases going back to 2010, and found that bases deeper than 42% (might have been 44%), on average did not work.
We also found that the bigger breakout on weekly basis, the more likely the breakout would work. That’s why breakaway gaps out of early bases can be so powerful. What period are you using for the MA of the RS Line? 50 on the daily, 10 on the weekly, 24 on the monthly. Where is Chris seeing the potential NVDA move? live answered How do we get informed of Live Webinars, such as the one with David Ryan tomorrow? It would be nice if we could request notifcations, or at least receive an email like we receive just before IBD Live starts. Thanks. We do send out emails promoting whenever we have webinars! Reach out to our customer service team to make sure you’re on the list. What are the iron condor stikes on NVDA Check out the article at Last Wednesday Chris said he would play TFII. Would he still be holding today? I did not buy it, but if I had I would be selling. FTNT a good low volume pullback into the 21 EMA? live answered How can you trade options in an IRA, I thought that requires a margin agreement, which is not allowed in IRAs? You can do covered calls and spreads, both trades where the the risk is limited. I played Wday the day before swing trader through pita and made 220% on the feb 12 puts 50 deltas Well done! NYSE wants to br the marketplace for NFTs. That would be exciting Everybody wants to be the marketplace for NFTs! Please tell me what Live Webinar David Ryan is on tomorrow? today — short selling. for details! Justin, did you consider going with PUTS, say sell the spread of 240/230 Puts. I usually go with PUTS side than the call side. I usually go with a credit spread (bear call spread) when the implied volatility is on the higher side (IV percentile) and the debit spreads (bear put spread) when the implied volatility is lower. Ali, Can you find that video that video that you and Justin did? Found it!! where can i find the video that Ali made with Justin referring to the options discussion? Found it! 🙂 How about the handle action on NLOK? To steep? Hi Mark, after last week’s superb move, this to me is not a handle. The handle began forming after it hit a high of 27.68 early in Jan. Notice how the stock pulled back the next few weeks, forming a downward slanting handle. So, within this
saucer-like pattern, 27.78 was an excellent entry point. HatMan Cwk has high debt? It does, in 2020 the long-term debt to equity ratio was 296%. Nature of its business, Amit? Does Zoom eat major real estate in your computer? Definitely!! Here is the David Ryan Webinar Link if it helps anyone 🙂 Thanks! more people or institutions? Institutions are people too! 😉 Doesn’t Ali have a Hess connection of some sort? 🙂 If I remember correctly a grandfather of hers worked for Hess. SLB breaking out today Clearing a nice shelf. CWK trig live answered MTDR — +5.37% but volume weak. live answered What is an NFT? Pls see a story by Michael Larkin, on the non-fungible token; very hot in the digital art market. The NBA and NFL are selling them too. All the ticket holders of the Superbowl received a commemorative NFT. Nice article in this weeks eIBD on liquified natural gas market! That’s right! please analyze CPE in this space. thanks live answered Dr. Ryan has said to be cautious around these ibd live pops. We agree ALB has earnings, calculated risk ? If you play this, you might do so via options. Otherwise it’s rather risky! opinions on SM price action? live answered ED-My partner just launched a crypto bank and he is going to offer NFTs in one of his vaults. It’s a wild world we’re living in. Aren’t double bottoms very characteristic of weak markets? live answered Ed, you have mentioned that you have had interest in new IPOs before, any thoughts on KSCP? No CANSLIM points other than new but 2 days ago up 32% on largest volume since IPO date and up today 15% on good volume. I see ads for the company
frequently on CNBC.. Very little revenue and technical action hasn’t been great so far. I’m nervous about IPOs – and everything – in the current market environment. EC (Columbian O&G) crossing abv 15.36 res w/in flat base with abv avg vol live answered Please comment on APPS 15% drop live answered CF continues higher in higher volume; now extended live answered HSY live answered MTDR live answered LPI live answered SMPL live answered BILL live answered Lightening Rnd – AOSL? live answered “UNP ALB” live answered EMN please live answered hi IBD Live team. ABNB had a good earnings report yesterday PM. great volume 1000% above average. price action not much ~ 2.4%. breaking the trend line up. above 50d and 200d MA. good outlook for 2022. can u please comment ? We reviewed earlier in the show! Would love to see a handle form BILL: long or short? live answered Any comments on TSLA today? Stuck in a range just below its 21-day line. Needs to show significantly more strength before it gets interesting (in my opinion.) It wouldn’t be surprising for Tesla to take an extended break (esp. in the current market!) It’s holding up
sort of OK vs. most triple-digit PE stocks. So, if the climate turns favorable for high P-E stocks again, TSLA may be a leader. But hard to say. GNRC, LSCC live answered viac, may we discuss this ticker,please. live answered metc early handle forming? live answered Have you discussed GNRC? live answered LSCC earnings reported and above the 200 day with good volume. Good to nibble here? live answered SMPL Atkins & Quest bars live answered Trader Joe’s has Ghost Pepper Chips. Not sure about Simply Foods. Right, I think it was another company that bought and expanded the Paqui brand, looks like SkinnyPop Colombia right now is through presidential elections ( May 19th) and EC ( Ecopetrol) is a majority government own company. I think that Price is depending who will win the elections. live answered Everyone, does IBD have any explanation about VWAP (volume weighted average price) trend line and how it might be applied to analzing stocks; or where such an explanation might be found? Take a look at the episode with Brian Shannon from Jan. 14. The VWAP on TC2000 anchors the line to a specific day. He was showing how VWAP on provides support and can be used as a way to play a pullback. Please go over AMR! Great action Lyall. The 2nd breakout past 69.38 has paid off! You could consider taking some gains, as the profit has now hit 20%-25%. PLTR Watch and wait. Still deep in basing mode DKNG thoughts? Hasn’t rebounded much after a huge drop. May take a long time to repair. thoughts on LAC LAC is arguably offering an early entry – but ALB/LTHM earnings could have a notable impact. Please explain when are fed minutes and what that might mean Fed minutes will be at 2 p.m. ET. We’ll see just how hawkish Fed officials were at the Jan. meeting. Of course, we got the Jan. CPI number AFTER the Jan. meeting, so we’ll see if the minutes are seen as market/policy relevant. Would you consider DDOG having a c/w/h pattern within a flat base? I think it’s forming a cup-with-handle (handle isn’t quite there). No flat base – it’s a 40% deep messy consolidation. NXST rarely mentioned Lightning round ? Looking good – just out of the buy zone with earnings due next week. NXST why not long term leader? Take a look at the monthly chart. RS line has mostly been moving sideways since 2013. could we change the format to make IBD Live finish with a final look at the market and opinions We always include team’s market thoughts in final thoughts! Did we just go an entire show with no mention of TSLA? Or did I miss it… 😴😆 Haha we did!! what are the triple etf’s again for the qqq and spy? TQQQ/UPRO Liquidity issue with BOUT, no volume? Chris says, don’t worry much about ETF volume. The provider will make shares. Ali is a rockstar Totally Have a wonderful Wednesday and make sure to have some enjoy your day! live answered Ali is the Master Host, Justin. so true Ali is awesome! live answered

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