80 Adorable Autumn Date Ideas That’ll Make You ~Fall~ In Love

While summer is the best time for sexy pool parties, and winter is great for pretending you actually like to ski, it’s a fact that fall is the best time to be dating.

Whether you’re with someone new or you’ve been together forever, the autumn months are ripe for the cutest dates and coziest couples’ activities. (It’s called cuffing season for a reason.)

From spooky ideas that’ll force you to squeeze up next to each other, to outdoorsy date ideas like apple-picking and corn mazes, there are so many things you can do during the fall months. And after literally skipping a year of seasonal activities, you’re kinda obligated to do them all. Sorry, I don’t make the rules!

If you don’t have a partner, download an app. If you don’t want a partner, just bring a friend. If you hate your friends, date yourself. It really is that easy, folks. Just get out there and try any of these 80 ideas for a magical fall that’ll help you forget the one you spent inside making sourdough.

Presenting: The best fall dates of the season

1. Go to a farmers market and buy seasonal breads because the weather is perfect and you deserve it.

              2. Have a bonfire.

              3. Go horseback riding.

              4. Drink spiced apple cider and discuss why fall is far superior to all the other seasons.

              5. Jump in a pile of leaves. Have a leaf fight. Make crafts with leaves. Leaves!!!

              6. Go on a ghost tour.

              7. Have a seance and then strategize about how to get demons to stop following you around.

              8. Make an entire, romantic meal out of Halloween candy.

              9. Write a scary story together and then read it on IG live.

              10. Go stargazing and create your own constellations.

              11. Set up a tent and sleep outside.

              12. Set up a tent and hang out in it before going inside to sleep.

              13. Make out in the backseat of the car with the windows down.

              14. Plan a Halloween party together.

              15. Then, you know, throw the Halloween party together.

              16. Go for coffee.

              17. Go on a walking date.

              18. Go apple-picking.

              19. Go pumpkin-picking.

              20. Paint or carve pumpkins.

              21. Go for a hayride.

              22. Cozy up in a café with some books.

              23. Go on a scavenger hunt for the craziest pumpkin-spice-themed goodies you can find.

              24. Make your own pumpkin-spice drinks.

              25. Go for OG PSLs at Starbucks. Maybe your date has never had one before and therefore can’t even talk shit because they don’t know!

              26. Go to a fair.

              27. Visit a haunted house.

              28. Go for a haunted hayride.

              29. Visit a corn maze.

              30. Bake an apple pie together.

              31. Go sweater shopping together.

              32. Volunteer at a park together.

              33. Volunteer at an animal shelter together.

              34. Stay in and watch movies under the blankets.

              35. Go out and have a picnic.

              36. Go for a hike and watch the leaves change color.

              37. Read spooky stories to each other by a fire.

              38. Make s’mores together.

              39. Go to the library together.

              40. Go on a beer-tasting tour.

              41. Visit a distillery or winery.

              42. Make soup.

              43. Make candles.

              44. Spike PSLs and race each other through a corn maze.

              45. Go thrifting for flannels together.

              46. Make ceramics.

              47. Slow-cook something.

              48. Instant-pot something!

              49. Watch Gilmore Girls and chill.

              50. Watch America Horror Story and… not chill?

              51. Watch Bridgerton and have sex on a ladder, in the yard, and on a desk! So much sex!

              52. Go paddle boating.

              53. Run a race together.

              54. Make soup while wearing sweaters.

              55. Make soup while wearing sweaters but without pants! It’s dangerous and sexy.

              56. Build a fort.

              57. Go kayaking.

              58. Go canoeing.

              59. Have a picnic in a cemetery (which two of my coworkers assure me is not that weird, but your mileage may vary).

              60. Go to a football game.

              61. Make your own wine.

              62. Visit Salem, Massachusetts.

              63. Start a witch hunt.

              64. Go to a psychic. Pivoting!

              65. Make candy apples.

              66. Have a day of crafting! Whittle something! Get into knitting! Make a bunch of felt balls while bingeing something on Netflix.

              67. Go to Target.

              68. Have some sex. Go on. Getcha some.

              69. Go ice skating.

              70. Karaoke! For every season!

              71. Bundle up in blankets on an empty beach.

              72. Watch every season of Grey’s Anatomy.

              73. Go antique shopping together.

              74. Grab a notebook and play M.A.S.H. in a park.

              75. Wear pumpkin-spice deodorant (seriously, it’s a thing) and sniff each other’s pits.

              76. Go on a road trip.

              77. Go to New Orleans and buy a whole bunch of witchy stuff.

              78. Throw on some old Halloween costumes and have a night of roleplay.

              79. Have a field day and play old-timey games.

              80. Make a four-course dinner with pumpkin being the main ingredient (pumpkin soup, roasted pumpkin salad, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin pie—you’re welc).

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