Corey Stoll Knows You Recognize His Face: ‘Look Me Up’

About midway through my interview with Corey Stoll, he was approached by a woman in the middle of Prospect Park.

“I ran and ran back to see who you are…where are you from?” I could hear her ask over the phone with a thick Brooklyn accent, to which he replied with a laugh, “New York. I’m from here.”

“Yeah, but you’re an actor,” she pressed. He gave in: “Yes, I know. My name is Corey Stoll. S-T-O-L-L. Look me up.”

I have to imagine that this random New Yorker was impressed when they took to IMDB later that evening and saw his credits. The 45-year-old has amassed quite the resume with impressive roles in well over 60 projects, including Girls, House of Cards, and, most recently, the Sopranos prequel, The Many Saints of Newark

In Newark, Stoll plays Tony Soprano’s uncle, Junior Soprano, a nebbishy mobster who eventually goes to shocking lengths to procure a respectable position in his family (no spoilers, I promise). 

“It was kind of a unique challenge in that this character is already well established as an older man,” Stoll says. “The audience knows and loves him well, so I tried to find that line between being that same character was played by another actor, that is recognizable to the audience without just doing an impression—making him my own but also making him the same guy.”

One striking scene from the film takes place with Junior in bed with his girlfriend as he recovers from an injury. Similar to his recent appearance in HBO’s Scenes From a Marriage, Stoll’s character reaches a breaking point during a volatile fight with his significant other. Thankfully, Stoll says his marriage to actor Nadia Bowers is significantly less tumultuous.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever played anybody who was really even close to me. I’m in a committed, stable, trusting marriage with really good communication,” he tells me. “I don’t think those kinds of people tend to be terribly interesting to play. The root of drama is conflict and I happen to be very lucky to be in a trusting, loving relationship.

So yeah, Corey Stoll is not single, but he did humor me for Glamour’s latest installment of Inappropriate Questions, where I asked him a series of questions best saved for date night.

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