Hallmark’s Kayla Wallace & Kevin McGarry Admit Some Butterflies Did Escape While Filming ‘Feeling Butterflies’

Kayla Wallace and Kevin McGarry get up close with a monarch butterfly in this still from their new Hallmark Channel movie, Feeling Butterflies.

In a recent interview, Kevin opened up about working with the butterflies on the set and how it influenced his own life.

“I knew the butterfly hook was smart,” he shared. “What’s funny is my character isn’t supposed to know a lot about butterflies, as Kayla’s character is the expert. We had butterfly wranglers, if you will, releasing butterflies all the time. We shot in these greenhouses filled with butterflies. Then on top of that, I heard that in post-production, they were adding more CGI butterflies.”

Kevin admits that he “learned a lot, and we do teach people a lot about [butterflies], but it’s not like we’re preaching.”

The movie actually inspired them to plant “milkweed because I know now that monarch butterflies need to feed on it when they make their pilgrimage from Mexico to North America. That’s a new fact I learned.”

Kevin also revealed that there were a few butterflies who escaped!

“Some did escape! Yes, they flew the coop, as you can’t train them. But I’m sure the ones that did are doing just fine.”

Feeling Butterflies will premiere Tonight, Saturday, March 12 at 8 p.m. on Hallmark Channel.

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