Here’s How to Move Without Paying a Pricey Security Deposit

There are few adulting to-dos more frustrating and time-consuming than finding a new place to call home. Dealing with sketchy brokers, reading leases filled with important yet brain-numbing legal jargon, hiring moving companies that toss your stuff around like it’s NBD, and translating pictorial furniture assembly instructions—it’s enough to make you want to never move again.

Yet millennials move more frequently than previous generations, and these headaches don’t even cover the worst part of moving. We’re talking about the oft-required upfront cash fees, like the first and last month’s rent and the security deposit, that are large enough to put a sizable dent in your bank account. But some good news: You may have an option that’ll allow you to cut these costs in a major way.

More than one million homes have partnered with Rhino to offer renters a security deposit alternative that’s a complete game-changer. Instead of laying out a cash deposit often equal to a month’s rent that’ll just linger with your landlord until you move out, you can pay for *security deposit insurance*—a much smaller monthly or flat fee.

Press play to learn more about how you can use Rhino to get your dream place without tying up allll your money.

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