Period-Proof Leggings Exist, And These Are the Best Ones

You’ve heard of period-proof underwear. Now get ready for period-proof activewear. Much like their panty predecessor, period leggings are designed to absorb blood when you’re menstruating, which means you can go without having to swap out your tampon, pad, or menstrual cup. (And if you have a body that menstruates, you *know* how annoying and inconvenient running to the restroom to take care of business is.)

There are tons of benefits to wearing period-absorbing leggings. Not only do they keep you dry and surprisingly stain-free (science is incredible!), but they’re also a great option for those who prefer to go commando while working out or peeps who want to use sustainable period products vs. single-use tampons and pads.

If you’re in the market for the best period-proof leggings the internet has to offer, then just scroll on down! I’ve gathered a handful of period-absorbing leggings that are worthy of making it into your cart, from a cool printed pair to ones with pockets (!) and even odor-resistant technology (!!!). Important note, though: Not all period-proof garments are the same as they tend to absorb varying levels of blood. So be sure to read the product details to ensure that it’s a good match for your flow! Now, happy shopping!

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this one with a heating pad pocket




Not only can these bad boys absorb up to three whole tampons worth of period blood, but they also have built-in side pockets for your keys, plus a pocket in the front meant for a heating pad (y’know, for when those pesky cramps strike).


this comfy pair

Period Legging

Ruby Love


Nope, just because period-proof leggings can absorb a whole lot, it doesn’t mean they’re also made of super thick and heavy material. This featherweight pair by Ruby Love is proof.


this one with three layers of protection

Techfit Period-Proof 7/8 Tights

Iconic activewear brand adidas is here with a pair of period-proof leggings that has a built-in, three-layer, leakproof pad. It’s discreet and, yes, highly absorbent.


this non-boring one

Go Commando Yoga, Blue Mosaic

Dear Kate


For those who love a fun pair of printed leggings, here’s a worthy contender that holds up to 1.5 tampons’ worth of period blood. Not only that, but it also has three layers of breathable (!) protection that releases stains and wicks moisture.


this one for heavier flows

7/8 Recycled Active Legging

Modi Bodi


Ideal for those with moderate to heavy flows, these leggings can hold a whopping amount of three tampons’ worth of menstrual blood. Oh, and get this: It’s apparently odor- and bacteria-resistant.

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