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The Atlanta Season Finale takes us on a roller coaster trip with Van after she crosses paths with old friends from Atlanta while somehow terrorizing Alexander Skarsgard.

Last night FX and Atlanta delivered its season finale and after how the season was we didn’t know what exactly to expect. The episode opens with three beautiful ladies from Atlanta, (Candice, Shanice, and Xosha) overseas thanks to Candice and her job making some french man’s urination dreams come true. While the ladies are enjoying lunch Candice sees a familiar face from Atlanta, Van. As she approaches Van tries to act like she doesn’t know her but she wasn’t buying it and Van caves. Then the four embark on a day with Van and her new life of acting like a local, even using an accent and portraying Tarrare. Their first stop is at a local hotel where they link up with Alexander Skarsgard of all people. Alex has some type of kink or game going on with Van and she plants drugs on him dips out of his hotel room and alerts the front desk to check on him.

It’ll all make sense in the end, or at least we think so?

That should be enough to let you know how this episode goes but just be aware the weird theme ends and Van comes back to reality and you can almost feel her world crash and reality set in. Reality also sets in during the post-credit scene for the show. As Earn presumably is back in Atlanta and gets luggage dropped off that he knows isn’t his. This feels like a clue that all those one-off episodes aren’t so random after all.

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