Whoopi Goldberg Reacts To Barbara Corcoran’s Apology For Body-Shaming Joke On ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg is totally fine with Barbara Corcoran’s body shaming joke during her appearance on The View.

A TMZ paparazzi caught up with Goldberg in New York City, where they asked if she took “offense” to Corcoran saying — after a segment on jeans — that Whoopi should send her her old jeans when she’s done, and Corcoran would make two pairs out of them.

“Oh… No,” the longtime View host replied.

When asked about the  encounter, Corcoran had already taken to social media to apologize, saying she realizes the joke she made on the spot wasn’t funny.

“I made a joke at Whoopi’s expense, which I now realize wasn’t funny,” Corcoran tweeted on October 7. “For anyone who I may have offended unintentionally, I just wanted to say I really am very sorry.”

But Golberg doesn’t need an apology. When asked by TMZ’s reporter if she accepted Corcoran’s apology, she said it wasn’t necessary.

“She doesn’t have to — you know, this is the lady who threw away her birthday party to get into a coffin,” Goldberg said, referencing Corcoran’s 70th birthday event in 2019, where she began the evening in an actual coffin. “So Barbara’s always been funny and weird. And that’s who she is. And no, it takes a lot more to offend me.”

Plus, it probably helps that Whoopi and Barbara have a long history.

“I’ve known her too long. We’ve known each other 25 years,” Goldberg said.

Check out her comments down below:

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