Your Virgo Monthly Horoscope for September

Add these dates to your GCal:

  • Monday, September 6: New Moon in Virgo
  • Monday, September 20: Full Moon in Pisces
  • Wednesday, September 22: Sun enters Libra
  • Monday, September 27: Mercury Retrograde in Libra

    Virgo Sun/Moon/Rising:

    September is your time to shine, Virgo! The Sun is rolling out the red carpet for you, giving you life, and energizing your personality. Expect a noticeable shift in your perspective during the New Moon in Virgo on September 6. This lunar fresh start is allowing you to release what has held you back from embracing the true you. You are perfect just the way you are, my dear Virgo, and this New Moon empowering you in a positive direction towards radical self-acceptance.

    As we move further into your season, Venus will move into intense Scorpio on September 10, placing some frustrating roadblocks in communication in your work relationships. Pro-tip: Colleagues may have different opinions than you, so it’s wise to practice patience. This will get you a lot farther during such confusing times, my love. While it’s tempting to reassert yourself, we want to build bridges with others during this pre-Mercury Retrograde fog and not burn them (more on that in a minute!). Creating a list of your priorities can also help you stay on track this month, avoiding frustrating delays that can cause team blowouts.

    Partnerships continue to be on the forefront of your mind with the revealing Full Moon in Pisces on September 20. This can bring about a new collaboration that allows you to unleash your creativity and break free of your typical Virgo modesty. Go ahead and show off! In more romantic matters, single Virgos can also find themselves chatting up a juicy prospect with long-term potential. If attached, you can come to a deep realization of what you personally require in an existing bond. Change is good if it’s in the right direction for you.

    As the month winds down on September 22, Libra season and the Fall Equinox begin, placing the cosmic magnifying glass on financial agreements and self-worth. Mercury also officially turns retrograde in Libra on September 27 and will last until October 17. It’s important to note that Mercury Retrograde energy affects you more than other signs, because it’s your planetary ruler. Challenges from the past can resurface surrounding your money, encouraging you to clean house and improve this area of your life. While starting something new isn’t the best idea, there is no better time to grab your red pen and renegotiate old contracts that no longer work. You’re worth it, and now’s the time to let others know.

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