➖ 3 Tips To Improve Decision Making/Profits While Trading Crypto for BITFINEX:BTCUSD by AlanSantana

To make money trading you need to have the right strategy, make the right decisions and be patient… But there is more.

It can happen that I share with you 5 trades from which 4 are successful and 1 is not.

You go all-in into 1 trade and somehow you picked the only one that didn’t go up.

Your chances were really high yet someone can make the wrong call over and over even with the right plan… Some people call it bad luck, it is not.

In such a scenario we have to look at other areas of our lives.

Trading can make big sums of money and big sums of money can change your life.

If you are not ready for change, if you cannot accept change, new money isn’t likely to able to get to you.

If in your life you are overloaded/stressed, then you will continue to pick the wrong trades.

So, to have a better chance to be guided by your intuition, your higher self, your Soul rather than a misguided ego…

Make sure to have the right mindset and be open to accepting the changes that the profits you are looking for will create in your life.


When was the last time you changed your purse/wallet?

Not your Bitcoin wallet, even though that one needs to be updated often, but your physical wallet/purse you carry around.

When was the last time you changed your closet?

How old is that jacket or blouse, how old are those jeans?

That shirt you never wear but will wear one day when the event comes…

Or worse yet, that dress that has been sitting there yet your 15 years of age are long, long gone.

In order to make room for the new, the old has to go.

This is something that I practice always and it was really hard to implement at first, not really for me, but for all those around me.

It was really hard for them to detach from the old.

I got rid of everything, even without having the money to buy the new, I completely trusted in internal guidance and got rid of everything as fast as I could. Then the money quickly materialized as soon as the necessity was created (the energy was released)… Getting rid of the old stuff opened space in my energy field for new stuff.

Just like you cannot pour liquid in a glass that’s already full, if you empty the glass, something new can fit in.

Start by getting rid of all of your clothes that are 1 year or older… Regardless of what it is… And just watch the magic happen.

You can also change your phone, your car, your hairstyle, your way of walking, your exercise routine, the place you live, your friends, etc.

Anything old that goes away, the energy is released and something new can come and takes its place.

Can be the same but an upgraded version or something completely new…

You can have fun with this… Get rid of the old.


I will explain this one in a way that is directly related to trading.

Food is heavy on the human body, especially conventional foods which is what most people consume.

The digestion process is high in energy consumption… Some people can notice becoming weak/lethargic after eating… That’s because your body needs to use tons of energy and resources to process all the ingested food.

As so much energy is used for digestion, little energy is left for all the remaining tasks that your body needs to perform for you to be at your best.


Goes second.

Being wealthy… Secondary as well…

Your body prioritizes processing all this food and much of today’s food is highly processed lacking enzymes which compounds the problem.

When we fast, we free up tons of energy which can, in turn, be used to heal ourselves… Once we are in good shape, in good health, this energy instead can go to other processes such as thinking, which can help you make better decisions while trading.

Now, fasting is not easy for many people so I have another solution for you.

You can start by doing “intermittent fasting”, which is basically a half-fast or even better, consume “liquid foods”.

You can liquify fruits and vegetables with a juicer or blender, pretty easy, and go on the entire weekend without eating any solid food.

You will feel GOD like on Monday. This is just a small taste of the benefits you can get, but it is a great start.

Once you start fasting for real you will understand Jesus, the Buddha, Shiva , and all the great “Ascended Masters”… You will understand them just a little bit of course, as they had many other techniques and they felt so much more but this can give you a glimpse into many feelings that not many people are experiencing at this moment.

Now, I got to write this about “liquid foods” not to mention juices and smoothies but actual superfoods that can be drunk with juice or water.

Are you aware of “superfood powders”?

There is a class of supplements called “superfoods” which are the ones I would like for you to research to improve/better your mental processes which can highly assist you in dealing with stress and so making the right choices while trading.

I will name the most basics yet powerful ones…

* Spirulina powder

* Chlorella powder

* Hemp seed powder

* Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

* Digestive enzymes

* Pre-, Pro- and Postbiotics

* Liquid minerals

Research these and start taking them on juice or water and see magic happen.

You will not only improve your trading but your entire life will be upgraded by a few levels… You might start to experience visions very quickly and other paranormal experiences if you are sensitive to the spiritual realms but this is just an extra, the physical benefits are sure to enjoyed/felt quickly as well.



Last, to finish this long article… We go to meditation.

Meditation will calm your mind.

This in turn can help you organize all of your thoughts subconsciously, you don’t have to do anything, which will let you see more clearly what it is that you really need to do next in order to get the results that you want or advanced to the next phase of your life.

My meditation is the easiest of all and the one I recommend to everybody who is just getting started and it goes like this:

1. Either just after waking up or before going to sleep, or both…

2. Close your eyes and breath deeply for 5-10 minutes.

That’s it.

If by any chance at any time you open your eyes, restart the timer and start over.

You can start with 1 minute if 5 is too much and increase little by little as you feel comfortable.

The goal is to stay in peaceful contemplation for 3-5 hours.

You can use any type of breathing you prefer.

You can breathe deeply through your nose…
Hold for a few seconds and then exhale through your nose…

Over and over until the timer beeps.


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