1772+% Gain on BNBUSDT & 43.2+% Average Trade. When to go long for BINANCE:BNBUSDT by nhbprod

If you are viewing this on the app, you do not have access to see the backtest results… try opening this in desktop view to see the results….1772%+ net profit with an average trade of 43.2+%

I created a strategy and an alert system based on simple indicators that can produce very high results. I’ve actually been using my alerts in the live market, and with pretty good success, but I figure it is always better to have some constructive criticism. I have a ton of experience with my scripts, and I built in a ton of margins for error, so results in real life are actually better than posted. This week, I took a look at this because I had a client request a configuration. In my opinion, using this strategy script is the easiest way to learn which indicators control what kind of market, and how to tune each indicator to account for the market it is targeting.

If anyone is interested, I have the strategy open source for everyone to use and to learn from, but my alert system that matches up perfectly with it took some time to build so I kindly ask for $10/month for the first month. Most of my subs are profitable within the first month, mainly because I send you configurations to use, similar to the one below in this post. I do analyses on any coin or any chart that you invest with. I can create great backtests on ANY CHART using my strategy and techniques. I always aim for a mixture of high percent profitability and obviously net profit.

Does anyone have any criticism/doubt/suggestions on my backtest? I’m always looking to learn on how to get better


Candle Timeframe: 2hour

Duration: MAX ALL TIME

Starting capital is 10000, with a 33% equity order size

Pyramiding: 1

Commission: 0.1% to match Binance commission values.

Disclaimer: Backtests do not prove that future trading will provide similar results.

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