AAPL , Advanced Trade Setup – Apple Spread Option Analysis for NASDAQ:AAPL by VirlVideo

For Monday, Aug. 8th

📉 We are looking to position ourselves into Apple ( AAPL ) for short term DOWNSIDE MOVEMENT.

– We will be most likely Selling Calls to benefit from this position. We would also consider a Bear-Call Spreads, or Bear-Put Spreads.

(These are types of

spread options, sometimes referred to as Vertical Spreads, and Credit/Debit Spreads. If you have never heard of these, they are similar

to options, but lower risk with a set max profit. These differ from traditional Calls & Puts, by not needing to move for them to close

successfully. If we use apple as an example, we are going to do a Bear-Call Spread for $164, with a day expiration. If apple is $164 on

the dot, or less we close the trade with max profit.

– 👨🏼‍🏫 These Spreads, both the Bear-Put & Bear-Call are placed the same way. You will sell a Put or Call for the lower stock value, and at

the same time buy a Put or Call respectively, for the higher value stock price.) For this route, we are doing a

Bear- Call Spread for August 26, for $162.5 – $165.
❗We will be closing the position, or putting a Stop-Loss to

close in profit once the trade is at %50 ROI

– For those deciding to go the Option Puts, we suggest going 30 days out, @ $162.5-$165 Strike.

🛣️ For our route, we will be SELLING CALLS for the Strike Prices of $165 & $ 162.5, both EXPIRING August 26th .


We feel that AAPL will be peaking and rounding out this weekend. We can see this happening Wednesday-Friday, but we are so confident in this trade succeeding, we will be putting half our position in on Monday.

Apple we think has a high probability to fall a minimum of 4.8% over the next 5 weeks, with it initiating this week.

With September being the worst trading month of the year, we can see this precipitating well longer than the 5 weeks we stated, and going further than our nearly 5% predicted drop.

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